5 Must-Watch BL Drama with Heart-Racing Love Triangles!

5 Must-Watch BL Drama with Heart-Racing Love Triangles!

Romantic themes are often the main focus in dramas. One form of this theme is through love triangle dramas. Various problems that arise will sharpen the plot and attract the audience's attention.

Love triangle dramas are usually accompanied by complicated friendship stories and interactions among its characters that can make the audience feel various emotions, from sadness to happiness.

For those of you who want to watch BL love triangle dramas, here are some reviews and recommendations that you can consider.

1. Light On Me

5 Must-Watch BL Drama with Heart-Racing Love Triangles!

The drama "Light On Me" revolves around a love triangle involving Tae Kyung, a high school student who has always felt lonely throughout his life. In an effort to overcome his loneliness, Tae Kyung decides to make new friends by joining the school's student council. However, he finds that making new friends is not as easy as he thought.

At the student council, Tae Kyung meets the Vice President, Shin Woo, who is difficult to approach and seems cold. However, he also meets the attractive President, Da On, who appears to have liked him from the start. Romantic relationships begin to emerge between Da On and Tae Kyung, but Shin Woo disagrees with it. The problem becomes even more complicated when Shin Woo, who secretly loves him, becomes jealous and tries to separate the two.

This drama successfully explores the dynamics of a love triangle and presents a different atmosphere from a typical love story. The actors in this drama successfully portray their characters and manage to build strong chemistry between Tae Kyung, Da On, and Shin Woo. The audience will be presented with various emotions felt by the characters in this drama, ranging from loneliness, confusion, to happiness.

In addition, this drama also highlights various problems faced by teenagers in a school environment, such as peer pressure and friendship. This drama shows how the inability of teenagers to express their feelings can lead to bigger problems.

Overall, "Light On Me" is a great choice for lovers of dramas with a love triangle theme. The audience will be presented with an emotional and intense story that raises questions about who Tae Kyung will choose between Da On and Shin Woo.

2. Dark Blue Kiss

5 Must-Watch BL Drama with Heart-Racing Love Triangles!

The BL drama Dark Blue Kiss continues the story of Kao, Pete, Sun, and Mork. Despite Kao and Pete's relationship growing stronger, they still keep their relationship a secret from others, especially from Kao's mother. The presence of Non, a student who needs Kao's guidance, adds complexity to their relationship. Meanwhile, Sun has given up on his unrequited love for Kao, and Mork has been appearing more frequently in his life. Despite their frequent arguments, they begin to care for each other. This drama features complex conflicts and emotions, as well as themes of friendship and love triangle.

3. The Tasty Florida

5 Must-Watch BL Drama with Heart-Racing Love Triangles!

The Korean drama "The Tasty Florida" presents an intriguing love triangle between Hae Won, Eun Kyu, and Cha Ji Soo. The story begins when Hae Won, a new college student who moves and gets an internship opportunity at the Florida Banjeom restaurant, led by Eun Kyu.

Although initially Eun Kyu dislikes Hae Won, as time goes by, Eun Kyu becomes interested and even jealous of the closeness between Hae Won and Cha Ji Soo, his co-worker who also likes Hae Won. Meanwhile, Hae Won herself has fallen for Eun Kyu, who has a cold heart and is difficult to approach.

The love competition among these three characters becomes more complicated and tense. Cha Ji Soo has to compete with Eun Kyu because both of them are in love with Hae Won. On the other hand, Hae Won keeps trying to win Eun Kyu's heart, who is not easily approached.

"The Tasty Florida" successfully captivates the audience with its complicated and dramatic love triangle story. Additionally, this drama also highlights friendship, workplace competition, and complicated feelings of love.

Overall, "The Tasty Florida" is a great choice for Korean drama fans who love love stories full of conflict and emotion.

4. Happy Ending Romance

5 Must-Watch BL Drama with Heart-Racing Love Triangles!

"Happy Ending Romance" is a Korean drama that tells a captivating love triangle story between Cha Jung Woo, Kim Jung Hyun, and Han Tae Young. The story begins with Cha Jung Woo, a writer whose career is ruined for opposing corrupt behavior from his senior. Cha Jung Woo's name becomes tainted, and he is hated by many people.

On the other hand, Kim Jung Hyun is a star in the literary world, and he protects Cha Jung Woo without fear of tarnishing his reputation. Jung Hyun decides to make Cha Jung Woo his lover and live with him in his house. Jung Hyun is very protective of Cha Jung Woo, who is constantly pursued by Han Tae Young.

Han Tae Young, the CEO of a publishing company, decides to publish a book under Cha Jung Woo's name and continues to follow him because he believes Cha Jung Woo can write and publish his work again. This triggers jealousy and suspicion in Jung Hyun, who tries to keep Jung Woo away from the ambitious Tae Young.

However, despite Jung Hyun's efforts, Jung Woo cannot resist Tae Young's charm. The love triangle conflict becomes more complex and tense between Cha Jung Woo, Kim Jung Hyun, and Han Tae Young. This drama successfully captures the audience's attention with an interesting and unusual plot.

5. Dark Blue and Moonlight

5 Must-Watch BL Drama with Heart-Racing Love Triangles!

In the Taiwanese drama titled Dark Blue And Moonlight, viewers will be presented with a complicated love story between four main characters played by Su Hai Qing, Chen Pin Jun, Yan Fei, and Jimmy. Yan Fei is a young marketing director who has a boyfriend named Jimmy, while Hai Qing, who is still single, dreams of studying art. When Hai Qing sees Yan Fei at the local swimming pool, he secretly takes a photo of him and eventually they talk and get to know each other. However, their luck does not last long when Hai Qing loses Yan Fei's phone number and starts dating Chen Pin Jun.

The complicated love story between Hai Qing and Yan Fei becomes one of the main focuses of this drama. Despite both of them constantly trying to eliminate their complicated and never-ending love feelings, they continue to struggle in facing the love they have. This drama shows the struggle and effort of the two main characters in overcoming the complicated love conflict between them.

Dark Blue And Moonlight is one of the Taiwanese dramas that successfully captured the attention of viewers with a storyline full of intrigue and surprises. This drama presents stunning performances from its cast and presents a touching yet also heart-wrenching love story for its audience.


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