10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

You can't deny that Boys Love (BL) dramas are really popular nowadays, not just in one country but almost all over the world. What's adorable is that their stories are always super romantic, and they can really get the audience all emotional.

Now, in 2023, there are plenty of new BL dramas coming out. Some of them have an 18+ rating, so only adults can watch them.

But even with that rating, don't be mistaken, the stories are still really good. So, here are 10 new BL series in 2023 with an 18+ rating that won't disappoint, according to Let's dive right into them below.

10. Jack o' Frost

10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

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"Jack o' Frost" is a Japanese BL drama released in 2023. It's about the relationship between illustrator Okusawa Ritsu and salesman Ikegami Fumiya. They meet, get comfortable, face conflicts, and tragically, Ritsu ends up losing his memory of Fumiya. So, they try to rebuild their relationship with a mysterious past.

This drama is indeed for adults. While the story is intriguing, some parts might need a bit of suspension of disbelief. Additionally, their reasons for parting ways aren't very clear, and not all romantic scenes are realistic.

9. Dinosaur Love

10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

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"Dinosaur Love" is a Thai BL drama with 10 episodes, each lasting around 40 minutes. If you want to watch it, you can check it out on the UltimateTroop Official YouTube channel or iQIYI.

The story revolves around Rak, a student who's heartbroken because his partner cheated on him with his own friend. This opens up an opportunity for Dino, who's a bit of a campus bad boy, to express his feelings directly to Rak. Dino is bold and patient in waiting for Rak to open up.

However, it's important to note that this drama contains content that needs caution, such as sexual scenes, assault, self-harm, physical violence, harassment, and mental health issues.

Audience responses are mixed. Some really like it, especially Dino's cool singing and guitar playing, his dance moves, and some positive moments in the story and acting. But there are also criticisms, like the peculiar sound effects, inconsistent character development, and some find the story a bit weak in certain parts. Some scenes are also criticized for being too long. But, it ultimately depends on personal taste.

8. Wedding Plan The Series

10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

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"Wedding Plan" is a Thai BL series with a storyline that'll make you smile. It's about Nuea, who's really good at making weddings cool. Then, he falls for one of his clients, Lom, even though he has to stay polite and professional while handling Lom and Yiwa's wedding.

As time goes on, Nuea and Lom get closer while planning this complicated wedding. But, there's a problem because Nuea has feelings for Lom, who was originally meant to get married. So, it's a forbidden love kind of story.

In short, this series serves up romantic comedy that'll make you laugh, it's not too complicated, and it has moments that'll make your heart race. With an entertaining plot and intriguing characters, "Wedding Plan" is a great choice for those who like romantic BL dramas with a touch of comedy. Just remember, even though it's a romantic comedy, "Wedding Plan" is for those who are 18 and above.

7. My Personal Weatherman

10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

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"My Personal Weatherman" is a super exciting story that revolves around two main characters, Segasaki, the handsome guy known as the weather forecaster, and Yoh, a cheeky manga artist dealing with a tricky situation. The interesting part? They actually live together! But, their relationship is far from ordinary. Segasaki, who appears cool in public, well, turns out to be quite bossy at home. He asks Yoh, who lives with him, to cook and clean, and in return, Yoh must obey all of Segasaki's orders.

"My Personal Weatherman" is an adult BL drama that showcases an intensely complex relationship between Mizuki and Yoh. This drama portrays all aspects of their relationship, including some more extreme and BDSM-related content, as well as their complicated emotional side. Their relationship is full of conflicts, peculiarities, and intricate dependencies. Even though their relationship isn't always healthy and sometimes seems controlling, this story tries to demonstrate how human relationships are genuinely challenging and different from the norm. At the same time, it emphasizes the importance of reassurance and stability in long-term relationships. So, in essence, "My Personal Weatherman" is an adult BL drama that explores various facets of human relationships with a focus on imperfect emotions and intimacy.

6. Hit Bite Love

10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

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"HIT BITE LOVE" is a Thai BL series that revolves around conflicts in relationships. It tells the story of Ken and Shokun, who initially have a secret relationship but later face drama as Shokun desires a more open connection. There's also a story about Burger and King, who were initially unsure about their feelings for each other. Lastly, there's drama between stepbrothers Hida and Saint, which becomes even more complicated when Saint gets involved in another relationship.

Despite often being a bit perplexing and chaotic, "HIT BITE LOVE" can still keep us entertained. Its twisting storyline with several unclear couples adds to the excitement. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea due to its complexity and potentially unmet expectations, the main cast does a decent job. However, be aware that there's explicit BDSM content here. But if you're curious about the continuation of the story in the second season, it might still be worth watching.

5. House Of Stars

10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

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"House Of Stars" is a Thai BL drama that revolves around the rules in the household of the country's top star manager, where many top actors gather. They have to live together according to house rules and compete for their jobs. They all aspire to excel in the industry, but there are always secrets behind the scenes. The question is, can they restrain their desires and hide their secrets?

As for reviews of this series, there are pros and cons. On the positive side, the characters develop interestingly. Although it's a bit confusing at the beginning with many characters and limited information, each episode delves deeper into their stories. The plot becomes more intriguing as the story progresses, and the relationships between the characters are also engaging.

However, on the downside, the beginning of the story is confusing and slow. So, for those who lack patience, it might be difficult to watch at first. Furthermore, the acting of some cast members is occasionally unsatisfying. Nevertheless, the series can captivate viewers with its increasingly exciting plot and the accompanying surge of emotions as the story unfolds.

4. Bed Friend The Series

10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

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"Bed Friend The Series" is a show that tells the story of King, an office worker who's a bit flirtatious, and Uea, a guy who initially didn't like King. However, after they accidentally engage in a one-night stand, King proposes a friends-with-benefits (FWB) relationship to Uea. At first, they both think they won't develop any feelings for each other, but over time, Uea starts to be influenced by King, who reveals a romantic side that was never seen before.

"Bed Friend The Series" actually has the potential to tell a cool story, but unfortunately, the title, trailer, poster, promotion, and synopsis can confuse viewers about what it's really about.

There are some great aspects to this series, like the enemies-to-lovers storyline, sweet friendships, and moments of care. Plus, they promote safe sex and even discuss therapy and medication.

But there are still some things that need improvement, like the editing that can be confusing, the main characters who sometimes seem a bit hesitant, and the message that love can heal all traumas, which might be too unrealistic. There's a lot of trauma that could be explored. Overall, it's a good show, and "Bed Friend The Series" has become the most popular BL series of 2023.

3. Venus In The Sky

10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

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"Venus In The Sky" is a Thai BL series with a simple yet heartwarming storyline. Venus returns to her hometown to take a break from her career and help her sibling in their new mini-mart venture. There, she meets Sky, a passionate young doctor. After being apart for 3 years, their love is undeniable.

This series has many great aspects. The relationship between Venus and Sky brings a smile to your face, and the mature content is well-done. Their sibling dynamic adds depth to the story.

However, there are a few areas that could use improvement. As viewers, we really want Venus and Sky to become a couple, but at times, their relationship isn't entirely clear. Sky's changing thoughts can be somewhat confusing, and Venus can be too harsh on him. So, there's still room for growth.

2. Only Friends The Series

10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

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"Only Friends The Series" is about a group of business students – Mew, Ray, Boston, and Namchueam living in the same dorm. Here, their friendships and romances really get confusing. Mew, who's focused on studies, Ray having a crush on Mew, and all the complex drama among them are the main ingredients of this story.

Anyway, even though the plot is a bit messy, the execution is pretty good. The actors have chemistry that makes the relationships and character conflicts feel very real. There's drama, tension, and it really gets the audience emotionally involved.

Characters like Sand, Ray, Nick, Boston, Mew, and Top have complex dynamics that keep you curious. Even though Boston's character, with all his flaws that make you shake your head and want to slap him, we're still curious about how this story will unfold.

In short, "Only Friends The Series," despite its chaos, successfully hooks the audience with diverse characters, strong chemistry, and enjoyable music.

1. PlayBoyy The Series

10 BL Series 18+ in 2023, Lots of Mature Contents!

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Here it is! One of the most anticipated upcoming BL dramas this year is none other than PlayBoyy The Series, produced by Copy A Bangkok. This series has been confirmed to have an 18+ rating and will feature a lot of explicit scenes.

"PlayBoyy The Series" tells the story of Nont's search to find his missing brother, Nant, with the help of his friend Zoey. They work together with First to uncover this case, which leads them into the dark world of the sex industry, illegal pornography, dangerous online relationships involving drug trafficking, secret sex work, and the revelations of dark human nature driven by love and sex. Meanwhile, Zoey, who is afraid of sex, is tempted by her 'senpai' nude model, and First explores his sexual experiences when he meets Soong, a former sex worker, possibly becoming a sex addict.

"PlayBoyy The Series" is set to premiere on November 16, 2023, so cafebl still can't explain the pros and cons of this series. Just wait for the next article.
Among the latest 18+ BL series lineup in 2023, there are plenty of exciting stories for you to enjoy. While adult scenes are an integral part of this genre, each series still provides entertaining narratives, conflicts, and character journeys.

Out of these ten series, which one is your favorite?


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