9 Interesting Facts About Khaotung Thanawat, the Popular GMMTV Actor

9 Interesting Facts About Khaotung Thanawat, the Popular GMMTV Actor

Recently, the name Khaotung Thanawat has been increasingly talked about among Thai series fans. His exceptional acting talent has enabled him to successfully portray every character given to him, with The Eclipse (2022) being the series that skyrocketed his career.

To satisfy your curiosity, let's take a look at nine interesting facts about Khaotung Thanawat, the highly popular GMMTV actor, as follows:

Khaotung was recruited by GMMTV when he participated in Freshy Boys 2018 at Kasetsart University.

In the same year, he made his debut in the series Cause You're My Boy alongside Frank Thanatsaran and Drake Laedeke.

In 2020, Khaotung successfully obtained the lead role in Tonhon Chonlatee and went on to star in the series.

Khaotung's career skyrocketed when he starred in The Eclipse (2022).

Due to the success of The Eclipse, Khaotung and First Kanaphan have become co-stars in several GMMTV projects.

Currently, he is still studying engineering at Kasetsart University.

He has a fashion business called A*FLEUR.

Despite acting for less than five years, Khaotung has starred in ten popular series, including 2gether The Series (2020).

Khaotung's exceptional acting talent has been praised by renowned directors such as Aof Noppharnach and Jojo Tichakotn.


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