BounPrem Reveals Shooting Schedule and Premiere of Their New Series Next Year

BounPrem Reveals Shooting Schedule and Premiere of Their New Series Next Year

In the spotlight of the entertainment industry, the names BounPrem are once again capturing attention with the announcement of their latest project in the works. Following their success in the series Between Us The Series and Even Sun The Series, they are collaborating once again in a promising project titled "My Broccoli".

At the Hospital Thonglor celebration event, Boun and Prem appeared as representatives to share their experiences in pet care. However, the main focus was on their upcoming new project. In a warm interview, they revealed some intriguing details about this project.

One of the most anticipated questions was whether there would be appearances from this duo in the new project. Prem emphatically stated yes, but he emphasized that they are still in the negotiation phase. They don't want to rush into the project; instead, they want to ensure everything runs smoothly and is presented well.

Boun added that this new project will have similarities to the Hemp Rope Project, referring to the series Between Us. However, he mentioned that they won't wait as long as before. The plan is to start the filming process around mid-next year or towards the end of the year. In the meantime, they will also focus on preparing the script and all necessary production aspects.

According to their estimates, filming is set to commence in the middle of the upcoming year, with the drama expected to premiere by the end of 2024. Despite the project's announcement having been made since November 2021, Boun offered encouraging words to fans who have patiently awaited this project, especially following the experience of waiting for the series Between Us The Series.

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