10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

Thailand's entertainment scene has seen a surge in Boys' Love (BL) dramas in recent years, and one production house that stands out in this genre is GMMTV. GMMTV, a prominent Thai television production company, has not only gained immense popularity locally but also internationally. While they create various types of TV content, it's their BL series that have captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. Let's delve into some of the best BL dramas produced by GMMTV.

10. A Tale of Thousand Stars

10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

Let's kick things off with a drama that has garnered numerous awards, including the Best LGBTQ+ Programme Made in Asia at the Content Asia Awards 2021 and a Special Award for Foreign Drama at the Tokyo Drama Awards 2022. Impressive, right?

The story revolves around Tian (Mix Sahaphap), who receives a heart transplant from a girl named Torfun. Torfun was a volunteer teacher who tragically passed away in a car accident. Filled with gratitude and a sense of responsibility, Tian decides to take Torfun's place as a volunteer teacher in the remote village of Pha Pun Dao.

Tian's life becomes intertwined with the guidance provided by Torfun's diary. From the diary, he learns that Torfun had fallen in love with the local forest ranger, Phupha (Earth Pirapat). Alongside his duties as a new volunteer teacher, Tian also tries to get to know Phupha.

Initially, Phupha is distant and unwelcoming towards him. However, as time passes, they grow closer. Tian's heart starts racing whenever he's near the forest chief ranger, and he's unsure if it's the effect of Torfun's heart inside him or his genuine feelings.

What sets this drama apart is that, unlike other BL dramas, none of the supporting characters are LGBTQ+. The story solely focuses on Phupha and Tian, without any side couples, making the plot feel more realistic.

9. Bad Buddy

10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

Similar to "A Tale of Thousand Stars," "Bad Buddy" doesn't include explicit scenes. Perhaps because both dramas were directed by Backaof Noppharnach.

"Bad Buddy" takes a more lighthearted approach to the BL genre with its romantic comedy centered around two young men, Pat and Pran. Pat and Pran come from neighboring families who have a long-standing feud. The rivalry between their families spills over into their own lives.

Secretly, Pat and Pran decide to become friends behind the scenes to avoid the feud. Little did they know that their secret friendship would evolve into love. They embark on a romantic relationship but must keep it hidden from their families and friends.

8. Only Friends

10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

"Only Friends" initially received some negative feedback for being considered too explicit. However, it offers a complex storyline and characters. The drama features multiple main characters whose lives are intertwined.

First, there's Mew (Book Kasidet), the only virgin in his friend group, who values intimate relationships based on genuine love. Then there's Ray (Khaotung Thanawat), his best friend who has secretly had feelings for Mew for a long time.

Things get complicated when Top (Force Jiratchapong), a guy pursuing Mew, enters the picture. Additionally, Boston (Neo Trai), another member of their friend group, is secretly obsessed with Top and is determined to keep their relationship purely physical.

7. Midnight Series: Moonlight Chicken

10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

"Moonlight Chicken" is a short series featuring the beloved on-screen couple Earth and Mix, under the direction of Backaof. It consists of only eight episodes, but its compelling plot makes it worth watching.

The story follows Jim (Earth Pirapat), a Hainan chicken rice vendor in Pattaya, Thailand. One day, a drunken customer named Wen (Mix Sahaphap) falls asleep at Jim's table. Their encounter leads to an unexpected and passionate night together.

Jim tries to push Wen away, but Wen is determined to stay close to him. Complications arise when Alan (First Kanaphan), Wen's ex-boyfriend, becomes jealous of Wen's new relationship. The drama also explores the budding romance between Boston (Neo Trai) and UNAR (First Kanaphan), a graffiti artist with a secret identity.

6. Not Me

10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

"Not Me" is a unique BL drama that openly addresses the flaws in Thailand's governmental system, a rarity in the BL genre. The story starts with Black and White, twin brothers with a strong bond.

Due to their parents' divorce, Black stays in Thailand with their mother, while White goes to Russia with their father. When White returns, he suddenly experiences physical pain all over his body, which he believes is linked to something terrible happening to his brother, Black.

Indeed, Black has fallen into a coma after being attacked by unknown assailants. White decides to impersonate Black, attending his classes and even getting a tattoo to look identical. White becomes embroiled in Black's life, meeting his friends and acquaintances.

The drama also delves into the complicated relationships between Mew and Ray, and Boston and Top, adding layers to the intricate web of friendships and romances.

5. Vice Versa

10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

"Vice Versa" takes BL series to a whole new level with its high-concept storyline. Talay (Sea Tawinan) wakes up in the body of Tess after a near-drowning incident. Not only does he experience a body swap, but he also finds himself in an alternate universe.

In this unfamiliar Thailand, things are vastly different from what he knew. While trying to find a way back, Talay reluctantly assumes Tess's life. His path crosses with Puen (Jimmy Jitaraphol), who comes from the same universe as Talay.

Puen recognizes Talay's true identity and appearance, but he keeps this information to himself, adding an element of mystery to their interactions. Over five years, they become close, but Puen suddenly discovers a way back to his original universe, leaving Talay behind. Can they ever reunite?

4. The Eclipse

10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

Blending mystery and BL, "The Eclipse" is set in an all-boys school with a rumored curse that targets rebellious students, especially during a solar eclipse.

Akk (First Kanaphan), the head prefect, diligently maintains order and prevents students from challenging authority. However, Ayan (Khaotung Thanawat), a mysterious newcomer, openly defies the school rules, even provoking Akk.

Despite their initial clashes, a deep understanding develops between Ayan and Akk, leading to mutual affection. The drama explores their evolving relationship against the backdrop of a school plagued by secrets.

3. My School President

10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

If you're a fan of high school romance, "My School President" is tailored for you. It follows Tinn (Gemini Norawit), the student council president and the principal's son, who secretly harbors feelings for Gun (Fourth Nattawat), the leader of the school band.

When Tinn learns about a plan to disband the underperforming music club, he devises a scheme to hire Gun as his fake boyfriend to fend off an admirer named Green. Gun agrees, provided Tinn helps save his beloved club.

As they navigate the charade, their true feelings start to surface. However, they must overcome obstacles and misunderstandings before they can explore their love openly.

2. 2gether: The Series

10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

"2gether: The Series" isn't just one of the best GMMTV BL dramas; it's considered one of the best BL dramas globally. The story revolves around Tine (Win Metawin) and Sarawat (Bright Vachirawit).

Tine, a handsome first-year law student, becomes an unwitting heartthrob on campus. He hires Sarawat, the popular football team captain and musician, to pretend to be his boyfriend to deter a persistent admirer named Green.

As Tine and Sarawat navigate their fake relationship, genuine emotions begin to emerge. The drama explores whether their pretend romance can transform into something real.


10 Best GMMTV BL Series: From Romantic to Unique

"SOTUS" is often considered one of the first BL series to gain widespread recognition. While "Love Sick the Series" was the first Thai BL drama in 2014, "SOTUS" was the one that truly made an impact.

The story revolves around Kongpob (Singto Prachaya) and Arthit (Krist Perawat), two university students with different backgrounds. Kongpob challenges Arthit's authority as the leader of their university's orientation program.

Despite their initial conflicts, their relationship gradually evolves from adversaries to close friends and, eventually, to something deeper.

In Conclusion

GMMTV has produced a remarkable array of BL dramas that have captivated audiences globally. While everyone's preferences may differ, these series showcase the company's commitment to delivering diverse and engaging stories in the BL genre. Whether you're into romance, mystery, or comedy, there's a GMMTV BL drama for you to enjoy. So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in these captivating Thai BL series.


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