Shooting of Thai BL Series 'Cooking Crush' Starring Off Jumpol and Gun Atthaphan Officially Wraps Up

Shooting of Thai BL Series 'Cooking Crush' Starring Off Jumpol and Gun Atthaphan Officially Wraps Up

The shooting process of the Thai BL series "Cooking Crush" has officially concluded. This was announced by the promotional account @cookingcrushTH on their social media account on Friday, September 8, 2023.

The BL series "Cooking Crush" stars Off Jumpol and Gun Atthaphan, who previously acted together in popular series like "Not Me Series" and "Theory of Love." The series follows Prem, a young chef with dreams of fame, who receives a proposal from Ten, a wealthy doctor, to help him achieve his dream.

The official teaser for the series was released on November 22, 2022. The teaser has been viewed over 1.4 million times on YouTube.

"Cooking Crush" is a GMMTV project, one of the projects announced during the GMMTV 2023 DIVERSELY YOURS event in November 2023.

In addition to Off Jumpol and Gun Atthapan as the main actors in this series, many actors and actresses from GMMTV also join the cast, including Aungpao Ochiris, Dome Jaruwat, Neo Trai Nimtawat, Tum Warawut, and many more.

Fan Reactions

The news of the completion of "Cooking Crush" shooting has been met with enthusiasm by fans. They express their gratitude to GMMTV and the production team of the series.

"Finally! I can't wait to watch it," writes a fan on Twitter.

"OffGun always manages to entertain me," writes another fan.

"I hope this series will be a success," writes yet another fan.


In the drama "Cooking Crush," Prem, Dynamite, and Samsi run a not-so-popular restaurant and face heavy losses. They discover a cooking competition with a substantial reward that could help their business. However, their preparations don't go smoothly, and just when Prem is about to back out, he meets Ten, a medical student under a heavy burden of stress. Ten approaches Prem to learn cooking, and Prem uses this as an opportunity to make money. However, as time goes on, it's not just the food that heats up but also their feelings as they slowly fall for each other. This drama tells the story of romance brewing in the kitchen and the struggle of their restaurant business.


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