BL Novel 'Euthanasia การุณยฆาต' by Sammon Scene to Be Adapted Into TV Series by ONE31

BL Novel 'Euthanasia การุณยฆาต' by Sammon Scene to Be Adapted Into TV Series by ONE31

The novel "Euthanasia," written by Sammon Scene, the same author behind "Manner of Death" and "Triage," will be adapted into a TV series under the ONE31 channel.

This news has been widely discussed since December 2022, with rumors circulating that the series would star Film Thanapat and Jam Rachata. However, these rumors turned out to be untrue.

On October 5, 2023, Sammon Scene announced on Twitter that his novel would receive a drama adaptation on the ONE31 channel.

"Euthanasia" tells the story of Wasan, a police officer investigating suspicious deaths of terminal patients. In his investigation, Wasan meets Guntapat, a palliative care doctor who cared for Wasan's mother in her final days.

As Wasan gets to know Guntapat, he becomes increasingly suspicious. Every clue in the case points to Guntapat. Wasan must confront the dilemma between his trust in his lover and the truth he seeks.

"Euthanasia" is set in the same universe as "Manner of Death," with some recurring characters appearing in both novels.

The novel explores the theme of euthanasia, the practice of ending the life of a patient in the 'Terminal Phase' [1]. This theme is controversial in Thailand, where euthanasia is still illegal.

Sammon Scene has stated that the TV series adaptation will remain faithful to the original story but will undergo some changes to fit the TV format.

If all goes well, the "Euthanasia" TV series is planned to air in 2024.


  • The TV series title has not been announced yet.
  • There is no information available about the cast of the TV series.
  • The TV series' air date is still to be determined.

Fan Reactions

The news of the adaptation of the novel "Euthanasia" into a TV series has been warmly received by fans. They hope the series will handle the euthanasia theme well and provide enlightenment to many.

"We know it's going to be a hit!"

"Hopefully, this series can educate the public about euthanasia. The theme is sensitive, but it's important to discuss."

"Curious about the cast, who do you think it will be?"

"Finally! I've been waiting for this adaptation for so long."

"Drama adaptations of P'Sammon's novels are always intriguing and leave us curious."


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