Mark Siwat and Uemeru Souta to Star in Japanese BL Film "Dear Kitakyushu"

Mark Siwat and Uemeru Souta to Star in Japanese BL Film Dear Kitakyushu

A new collaboration between Thailand and Japan in the film industry, titled "Dear Kitakyushu," is set to begin production this month, according to an announcement from the Kitakyushu Film Commission!

The film will star Thai actor Mark Siwat, known for his role as Kengkla in the hit BL series "Love By Chance," alongside Japanese actor Uemeru Souta, of "Kiss x Kiss x Kiss ~Perfect Scandal~." The story of "Dear Kitakyushu" follows a young Thai man who travels to Kitakyushu, Japan, and experiences a loss. He then meets a young Japanese man who helps him, and the encounter changes the course of their lives. The film will be directed by David Bigander, who previously helmed "Bite Me The Series" and "Be Mine SuperStar."

It is important to note that on October 3, the Kitakyushu Film Commission announced that the film will be shot in Kitakyushu from October 9-11. Additionally, fans will have the opportunity to participate as extras in the film.

In a press conference, Mark expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of "Dear Kitakyushu," which is set in Kitakyushu. He also shared his enthusiasm to meet fans in Japan and invited them to look forward to the film's release. Kitakyushu is known as "Japan's Hollywood" for having been a filming location for various media productions for over 30 years.

Here are some additional details about the film:

• The film is scheduled for release in 2024.

• The film will be screened at a film festival in Kitakyushu from December 13-17.

• Fans can apply to be extras in the film on the Kitakyushu Film Commission website.

The film is expected to be a hit with fans of both Thai and Japanese cinema. It is a heartwarming story of love, loss, and redemption, set against the backdrop of the beautiful city of Kitakyushu.


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