Moss-Bank Respond to Same-Sex Marriage: Laws Should Be for the Wicked, Not Love

Moss-Bank Respond to Same-Sex Marriage: Laws Should Be for the Wicked, Not Love

Moss Panuwat and Bank Mondop are two rising young Thai actors. They are known for their roles in the popular television series "Big Dragon The Series," in which they play a pair of same-sex lovers. In an interview with "," at the "Y STAR CHALLENGE" event, they spoke about their experiences in the series and how it has influenced their views on love and marriage equality.

The potential of LGBTQ+ series to change public perception

Bank Mondop believes that LGBTQ+ series have the potential to change public perception of the group. He stated that each series has a different purpose and message, but ultimately, they can help society accept groups that may not have been accepted well in the past. One of the key points they underlined is that the law should be applied to bad behavior, not to love.

"Laws should be for the wicked, not love," said Bank.

Moss Panuwat also expressed his view that these series help to reduce stigma and prejudice against same-sex love. In addition, he mentioned that these series have helped to clarify that love between two people of the same sex is something that is natural and should not be ridiculed.

"Actually, Y series show that loving others is not wrong. Lately, there are not many Y series stories that think same-sex love is wrong. Y series started to show whether it is possible for two people to love each other. Movies now make people watch and understand more about life," said Mos.

Equal marriage: A natural right and a basic right

Furthermore, Bank Mondop expressed his views on equal marriage. He stated that marriage is a natural right and that the law should be directed at people who commit evil acts, not at those who are in love. He hopes that Thailand can become a more inclusive and welcoming place for all individuals, with more freedom and diversity.

"I really like how people say they want Thailand to be a tourist destination with diversity and freedom. You can free yourself," said Bank.

The influence of LGBTQ+ series on society

Moss Panuwat and Bank Mondop also acknowledged that series like "Big Dragon The Series" have had a major impact on public perception of love, marriage equality, and the basic rights that all people should have. With this series, they both hope that society will come to understand the diversity of love and that same-sex relationships will be more widely accepted.

"There are many perspectives that need to be considered. One of the things that is related is equal marriage. I believe that people who love each other should be able to live together and have a good life together. They should have the basic rights that everyone should have, especially when they are married. This is aimed at ensuring that couples who love each other do not experience difficulties when one of them goes away. I want to make sure that everything goes smoothly according to the applicable law," said Mos.


Moss Panuwat and Bank Mondop are two young actors who have spoken openly about the importance of accepting love and marriage equality in society. In their view, love is something that is natural, and the law should be used to address bad behavior, not to punish love. This reflects their views on these important issues and how these views have been influenced by their experiences in the entertainment industry.


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