'My Stand In (ตัวนาย ตัวแทน)': Up Poompat and Poom Phuripan to Star in Supernatural and Twisty BL Romance

Revealed! Up Poompat and Poom Phuripan to Star in BL Drama 'My Stand In'

YYDS Entertainment has announced the main cast for their upcoming BL drama, "My Stand In (ตัวนาย ตัวแทน)". The drama is adapted from the hit novel by Shui Qian Cheng, "Professional Body Double (职业替身)".

Up Poompat, known for his role in "Lovely Writer", will play Ming, while Poom Phuripan, known for his role in "Bake Me Please", will portray Joe.

The drama also features other talented actors and actresses such as Inntouch Naphat from "My Engineer", Billy Possathorn, Porsche Tanathorn from "You're My Sky", Mek Jirakit from "Sky in Your Heart", Su Nannichu, and many more.

Revealed! Up Poompat and Poom Phuripan to Star in BL Drama 'My Stand In'

Novel Synopsis "My Stand In" tells the story of a stuntman named Zhou Xiang who, after a fatal accident while filming, suddenly comes back to life but in someone else's body. His new life continually binds him to the role of a substitute, both in his career and in his personal relationships. Despite his resurrection, Zhou Xiang finds that his fate remains the same: being a substitute for someone crucial in his life.

Zhou Xiang is trapped in confusion about whether God gave him a second chance out of care or for further testing. Ironically, both in his past life and his new life, both in his work and in his complicated relationship with Yan Ming Xiu, he's always seen as a substitute, not as himself.

In his quest to find meaning behind his continuous fate as a substitute, Zhou Xiang delves into a life full of uncertainties. Engaged in a tumultuous relationship with Yan Ming Xiu and being a stuntman for the big star, Wang Yudong, Zhou Xiang reflects on his role that's never free from the shadow of being a substitute.

"My Stand In" is a BL drama filled with love, romance, and drama. The drama will be aired on IQIYI in 2024.


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