10 Best BL Manhwa Recommendations for BL Fans

Have you ever felt the thrill while reading the love story of two men? If yes, you must be a fan of Boy's Love (BL)! This genre is becoming increasingly popular with various BL manhwas that present intriguing stories and captivating characters.

For those of you who want to explore the BL world full of romance and warmth, here are 10 BL manhwa recommendations that you must read:

10. B(L)ACK

10 Must-Read BL Manhwa Recommendations for BL Fans

B(L)ACK, a no-nonsense BL manhwa! It follows Seto and Kido, two childhood friends who have been tense all their lives. But instead of being good to each other, they are experts at teasing! Seriously, their antics are both terrifying and hilarious.

Created by Aho Hanse, B(L)ACK is adorable, hilarious, and incredibly hot. Seto and Kido's love story goes through all the phases, and even now, after more than 144 episodes, the story is still as exciting as ever! B(L)ACK is a highly recommended BL manhwa for adult readers looking for love stories beyond high school.

9. Semantic Error

10 Must-Read BL Manhwa Recommendations for BL Fans

First published in 2018, Semantic Error tells the story of two handsome college students. There's Sangwoo, the bookworm who's super disciplined, and Jaeyoung, his laid-back senior. At first, they clash because of their vastly different personalities. But as they work on a project together, they get to know each other better and, surprise, they fall in love!

Semantic Error is written by J. Soori and illustrated by Angy Kim. After 93 chapters, the story finally concluded in 2023. Not only is it exciting to read, but Semantic Error was also adapted into an eight-episode live-action web drama in 2022. Park Seoham played Jaeyoung, the chill senior, and DKZ's Park Jaechan portrayed Sangwoo, the cold bookworm.

8. From Points Of Three

10 Must-Read BL Manhwa Recommendations for BL Fans

Are you looking for an exciting BL manhwa? From Points of Three should definitely be on your wishlist! This story revolves around Kim Jisuh, an introverted guy who always carries a camera everywhere. Jisuh desperately needs money to pay off his debts. In a desperate situation, he's offered a job by Heejae. The offer? Record Heejae and Sunyool having their intimate moments ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Don't misunderstand, though the premise is hot, From Points of Three is full of adorable panels and uwu moments that will make you squirm. The manhwa masters the balance between sensual scenes and the cuteness of its characters.

7. A Guy Like You

10 Must-Read BL Manhwa Recommendations for BL Fans

Wow, someone's dreaming about a handsome guy all the time! Siwon's dreams are filled with Kang Jinha, who's incredibly handsome. The problem is, in these dreams, Jinha talks about an "incident" that supposedly happened between them. Siwon? Suddenly suffers from amnesia and can't remember anything. And so, the curiosity and torment begin!

Although they often meet in dreams, they're also friends in real life. How can you not get emotional when their bond grows stronger? But alas, Siwon's memory of the "incident" eventually returns. Oh no, suspicion arises towards Jinha. Oh dear, could the plot twist be mind-blowing?

A Guy Like You is definitely for adult readers, but it's far from just a fantasy isekai genre. This cool BL manhwa will keep you constantly intrigued by Siwon and Jinha's secrets. Not to mention their relationship that's so adorable you'd want to ship them. The combination of fantasy and same-sex love in A Guy Like You makes it one of the best BL manhwas of all time!

6. Walk On Water

10 Must-Read BL Manhwa Recommendations for BL Fans

In 2014, author Jang Mokdan unleashed his skills! He wrote a novel series titled Walk On Water. It's about a Korean-American guy who plunges into the adult entertainment world. Not only that, he also falls in love with his co-star and director! Four years later, the story was adapted into an amazing BL (Boys Love) manhwa with 62 chapters, illustrated by the incredibly talented Jaxx.

Walk On Water, often abbreviated as WOW, not only explores the dark and bright sides of this controversial industry. But, this gorgeously illustrated BL manhwa also delves into the lives of Asians in the United States. Guaranteed, the story is more mature than others, making you both emotional and curious!

5. For Your Love

10 Must-Read BL Manhwa Recommendations for BL Fans

For Your Love introduces you to Yohan, a laid-back high school student who loves going on trips with the travel planning club. Yohan notices his senior, Moogyeong, is infatuated (but unrequited) with another male member of the club. Not wanting Moogyeong to suffer like he did with his own unrequited love, Yohan decides to lend a helping hand!

Written by Park Nodeok, For Your Love is a sweet romance manhwa that slowly builds up feelings. But the story isn't just about that. You'll also get to see high school friendships and the bitterness of unrequited love. For Your Love began serialization in 2017 and concluded two years later after 85 episodes.

4. Fools

10 Must-Read BL Manhwa Recommendations for BL Fans

Looking for an incredibly adorable and heart-fluttering love story? Just read Fools (2020 remastered version is even better)! Eungi, the introvert who prefers solitude due to getting easily bored with the hustle and bustle of the big city, meets Jungwoo, the cheerful new college student who breaks down Eungi's walls.

Fools is an incredibly sweet yaoi manhwa that will surely melt your heart. It's a slow burn story filled with adorable moments and interactions that will make you swoon. Perfect for those who prefer less steamy manhwas but enjoy stories that tug at your heartstrings.

3. Hell & High Water

10 Must-Read BL Manhwa Recommendations for BL Fans

Dexter J. Daley's career is ruined after his testimony lands his partner in jail on murder charges. How unfortunate, right? But don't worry, there's a hero! Dexter's dad, who's skilled in handling matters, bribes here and there, eventually gets him a new job at the Therian-Human Intelligence Recon Defense Squadron (THIRDS)! Cool, right? It sounds like the name of an elite secret agency!

At his new workplace, Dexter will work with his new partner, Sloan Brodie. Instead of handling trivial cases, they are immediately thrown into investigating a super serious serial murder case. Not only that, but their relationship also slowly... well... surpasses that of regular coworkers?

Hell & High Water is perfect for those who read yaoi manhwa but still want more than just a love story. This manhwa is full of exciting action scenes, hilarious comedy, and the highlight: Dexter and Sloan's incredibly entertaining interactions! Guaranteed to keep you hooked!

2. Heesu In Class 2

10 Must-Read BL Manhwa Recommendations for BL Fans

A work by Lily Suzu, Heesu in Class 2 tells the story of Heesu, a teenager who suddenly becomes popular at school. How come? He's incredibly good at giving love advice, so he becomes like an impromptu love consultant! Heesu tries to help his friends even though he's secretly infatuated, with none other than his own best friend! Additionally, there's a mysterious transfer student who successfully piques Heesu's curiosity.

Unlike most BL stories, Heesu in Class 2 doesn't have any adult scenes. The story focuses more on the development of its characters. If you enjoy adorable stories, you'll love its charming artwork and soft colors. It perfectly matches the atmosphere of the story!

1. No Way, Vampires Don't Exist!

10 Must-Read BL Manhwa Recommendations for BL Fans

Four handsome vampires, Juwon, Eunho, Seonjae, and Gyumin, are looking for fresh prey. Their absence is fulfilled when Dongha, an unsuspecting innocent boy, stays at their residence. Their intention was to fatten him up first, then have him for dinner. But alas, the vampires end up finding him irresistibly adorable. Oh no, how are they going to get dinner when their victim is making them feel all emotional?

No Way, Vampires Don't Exist! is perfect for those of you who love a mix of supernatural and BL. This manhwa is filled with comedy, adorable characters, and of course, steamy scenes that will make you blush. You'll find yourself rooting for both the humans and the vampires!

So, which BL manhwa will you read first? Let me know in the comments! And if you have other recommendations, feel free to share them too!


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