6 Series Thailand starring Jeff Satur, He also sings the theme song

In April 2022, Jeff Satur caused a stir thanks to his collaboration with Jamie Miller on the Jamie Miller Asia IG Tour. The star of the KinnPorsche series is also ogled by the public thanks to his multitalented charm. In fact, he is increasingly intimate with fans around the world thanks to his fluent English.

Now flooded with many projects, Jeff Satur's profession as a singer and actor is on the rise. What's more interesting, you can enjoy the acting and the voice at the same time, you know. Here's the series starring and the OST sung by Jeff Satur.

1. My Secret Love (2022)

My Secret Love premiered on May 28, 2022, where Boyy Entertainment entrusted the song "Tam Dai Kae Mong" to be filled by Jeff Satur. The OST was sung in public when Jeff Satur attended a press conference on May 9.

Told as a senior, Kimhan (Earth Teerapat) wants to maintain the reputation of the campus. However, the incident occurred because Mek (Fluk Chatchawan) et al. made a joke video about the ospek that caused a student to faint. As a result, they are required to create positive content with the concept of pretending to be an imaginary couple in order to restore the campus image.

2. KinnPorsche (2022)

Still on going since April 2, 2022, Jeff Satur plays Kim Theerapanyakul, the youngest of three siblings. The young man who was born on March 6, 1995 also filled in the KinnPorsche OST entitled "Why Don't You Stay" which has been watched by 10 million views on YouTube.

KinnPorsche tells the story of the Theerapanyakul mafia family, where the character Kinn Theerapanyakul (Mile Phakphum) recruits a bodyguard named Porsche (Apo Nattawin). This series is filled with violence, brotherly relationships, and romance stories from the cast that make the sensations shudder and mix.

3. The Tuxedo (2022)

Although not presenting acting, Jeff Satur filled the OST for The Tuxedo , namely "อุ่นหัวใจ (Warm Heart)" and "เพราะเธอ (Because of You)". The two songs were written and composed directly by Jeff Satur, you know. The Tuxedo itself officially ends on April 22, 2022.

The series focuses on the life of Nawee (Chap Suppacheep), a bossy and selfish heir. He suffers from social phobia due to childhood trauma. However, everything changes when he meets a designer named Aioun (Green Phongsathorn). Mutual interest is increasingly visible when the two get to know each other.

4. Love Area Part 1 and 2 (2021-2022)

Jeff Satur showcased his acting well through the character Sean in the series Love Area Part 1 which soared in 2021. This graduate from Rangsit University also wrote lyrics, produced, and sang the series OSTs entitled "ที่ตรงนี้ (Love Area)" and "แค่เธอ (Stay Together)".

Returning to 2022, Jeff Satur is still playing the same character in the Love Area sequel . This Channel 9 series tells of Valen (Gun Tieosuwan), a young man who was born on Valentine's Day, but never knew love, even from his parents. The story is even more interesting with the presence of Kaitoon (Pak Chavitpong).

5. Ingredients (2020)

Ingredients is the second mini-series starring Jeff Satur. Besides being cast as the central actor, he also sings, writes lyrics, arranges, and composes the OST Ingredients with the English and Thai versions of the songs "เวลานี้ (Moment)" and "Goodbye Not Goodbye (Thai)".

This 2020 series tells the story of Tops (Garnpaphon's Gameplay) who finds happiness through his love of cooking since childhood. Meanwhile, Marwin (Jeff Satur) dedicates himself to music and dreams of becoming a world-class musician. The two meet and make the perfect combination, both in the chaos that ensues and the decision to pursue a dream.

6. He She It (2019)

With only three episodes in total, Warper's mini-series, He She It, became Jeff Satur's debut event in the role-playing industry of the Land of the White Elephant. In the series premiere, the 27-year-old actor worked on the English songs "Comedy" and "Comedy (Tragedy Version), where he also played the role of singer and lyricist for the OST.

He She It stars Jeff Satur, Gameplay Garnpaphon, Pom Runn, Tae Weerapat, Peter Nattapong, to Praew Rattaporn. The series tells the story of tragedy in the complicated relationships between teenage friends, where decisions are difficult to follow either heart or the rules.

If you look at his actions in the world of acting, Jeff Satur is still relatively new as an actor. However, he managed to display a flexible and even stunning acting. So , which series do you want to watch first?


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