Only Friends The Series: Will There Be a Season 2?

Only Friends Series: Will there be a second season?

Only Friends Series, the latest Thai BL drama currently airing weekly, has become one of the most popular BL dramas this year. The story revolves around a group of students whose relationships blur the lines between friendship and romance.

This drama is directed by Jojo Tichakorn, known for mature and dramatic works like the Friend Zone Series. Only Friends Series is also directed by New Siwaj from Studio Wabi Sabi, which has produced other popular BL dramas such as Love by Chance, Until We Meet Again, Between Us: The Series, and My Only 12pc.

Only Friends Series has garnered over 1 million views for each of its first three episodes on YouTube GMMTV, indicating its popularity among BL fans.

Therefore, it's not surprising that there's speculation about Only Friends Series having two seasons. This speculation arises from the drama's description on the OneD website, a Thai streaming platform for all GMM Grammy productions, which mentions that the drama has two seasons.

Only Friends Series: Will there be a second season?

However, there's been no official confirmation from GMMTV regarding whether Only Friends Series will have a second season. Therefore, fans will have to wait for the official announcement from GMMTV.

In the meantime, fans can enjoy Only Friends Series, which is currently airing on YouTube GMMTV every Saturday night.

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