10 Facts About Pond Ponlawit, Actor with the Nickname of Crocodile Smile

10 Facts About Pond Ponlawit, Actor with the Nickname of Crocodile Smile

Entering the world of acting in 2018, Pond Ponlawit has made his name in several dramas. My Ambulance became one of the dramas that made Pond Ponlawit's name skyrocket and became known by many people. Airing from August 14, 2022, 180 Degree Longtitude Passes Through Us is the latest drama starring Pond Ponlawit.

Having a charming smile makes this Thai actor get the nickname "Crocodile Smile" , you know. There is no negative meaning to the nickname given by fans because the visuals of Pond Ponlawit were shot when smiling. Get to know Pond Ponlawit more closely, see a series of facts below, come on!

1. Almost 5 years into the acting world, Pond Ponlawit is known to have starred in 6 dramas

2. In his latest drama 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us, Pond Ponlawit plays the main character named Wang

3. The actor whose full name is Pond Ponlawit Ketpapakorn is the younger brother of actress and YouTuber Frung Narikun Ketprapakorn

4. So concerned with education, Pond was willing to migrate to Singapore when he was 10 years old to gain knowledge, you know

5. Having lived in Singapore for a long time has made Pond master three languages, namely English, Chinese and Thai

6. Pond also received a bachelor's degree from Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering in 2020, then

7. Despite being busy with filming, Pond is currently struggling to get a master's degree from the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at Chulalongkorn University

8. Now 23 years old, Pond is an Aries zodiac boy who was born on March 25, 1999

9. If not busy with work and education, Pond often spends his time playing basketball and traveling

10. Not only acting, this actor is also good at singing, you know. This is the melodious voice of Pond Ponlawit when he was the soundtrack to 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us

Working as an actor and continuing his education at Thailand's top universities, Pond Ponlawit is someone who is smart and good at managing time. No wonder if he is made a role model by fans, success is always Pond!

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