Get to Know Rossi Nonthakorn: 9 Facts About the Actor Who Plays Night in Love Syndrome 3

Get to Know Rossi Nonthakorn: 9 Facts About the Actor Who Plays Night in Love Syndrome 3

Recently, BL Thailand genre enthusiasts have been spoiled with many new series. Love Syndrome 3 is one of the series currently airing on the iQiyi platform and has gained a lot of attention from viewers. One of the actors who has attracted quite a bit of attention is Rossi Nonthakorn, who plays the character Night.

Let's get to know Rossi Nonthakorn better by reading the nine facts about him below. Make sure to read until the end!

Rossi Nonthakorn Chatcheua only entered the Thai showbiz industry at the beginning of 2020.

Rossi is still considered a newcomer. He debuted as a background actor in the hit series The Gifted (2020).

He got his first leading role when he starred in the series On Cloud Nine (2022).

His name has been rising in popularity since he starred in the hit series Love Syndrome 3 that is currently airing.

Busy with acting and endorsing products, Rossi doesn't forget about his education. He is a medical student at Chulalongkorn University.

In his final semester, Rossi has started interning at a hospital in Bangkok.

Known as a BL actor, Rossi is paired with Art Tinwiphat as an official couple for several upcoming projects.

The 21-year-old actor is currently a free agent because he doesn't want to be tied down and is still focused on completing his medical studies.

Despite many people not knowing, Rossi is very close to Bright Vachirawit because they previously worked on the same project.

Although still considered a newcomer, Rossi has managed to capture the attention of many people. We hope his acting career continues to be successful and his studies go smoothly!
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