Casting Call is Officially Open: Who Are the Hunky Actors Set to Star in 'Addicted Heroin' Thailand?

Casting Call Open: Who's the Handsome Actor to Star in 'Addicted Heroin' Thailand

Hollywood Thailand and Golden Dog Thailand have recently made an exciting announcement for fans. They have opened the casting call process to select the main cast for the remake of the popular Chinese BL drama, "Addicted Heroin." The drama will be produced by both companies following the official announcement on May 8.

Fans' enthusiasm has grown as they eagerly await the revelation of who will portray the characters of "Bai Luo Yin" and "Gu Hai." This casting call process presents a golden opportunity for young actors who wish to take part in this series. Hollywood Thailand and Golden Dog Thailand invite individuals between the ages of 15 and 25 to participate in this audition, regardless of gender.

Casting Call Open: Who's the Handsome Actor to Star in 'Addicted Heroin' Thailand

To register, aspiring actors are required to access the provided link via QR code or the given URL. They must fill in all the requested information accurately and completely. Additionally, they are asked to upload several photos, including full-body and half-body shots from various angles. The photos should be clear and not exceed the specified file size.

Apart from photos, applicants are also requested to upload a self-introduction video with a maximum duration of 1 minute. This video will give them an opportunity to showcase their talents and personalities to the production team. All uploaded materials must comply with the specified requirements, such as file size and format.

The casting call process will run from now until July 12, 2023. Subsequently, the production team will conduct the selection process and contact the successful candidates via email. The final announcement will be made on July 15, 2023.

For fans who want to stay updated on the latest information about this project, they can follow the official social media accounts of "Heroin the series." Hollywood Thailand and Golden Dog Thailand provide further details through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The remake of "Addicted Heroin" presents an opportunity for the Thai entertainment industry to bring a popular story among international audiences into their local cultural context. It is hoped that through this project, an engaging and entertaining production will be created, providing new opportunities for young actors in Thailand to showcase their talents in the acting world.

With high enthusiasm from fans and the opening of the casting call process, this remake project has garnered public attention and created great anticipation. In the near future, we will find out who will be fortunate enough to secure a role in this highly anticipated series, "Heroin the series."
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