BL Actor 'Net Siraphop' and 'James Supamongkon' Receive Overseas Popular Actor of the Year Award for 2023 in China

BL Actor 'Net Siraphop' and 'James Supamongkon' Receive Overseas Popular Actor of the Year Award for 2023 in China

In the realm of entertainment, actors often garner recognition and appreciation for their dedication and hard work in bringing captivating characters to life on the screen. Net Siraphop and James Supamongkon, two well-known names in the Boys Love (BL) genre, have recently achieved remarkable accolades by receiving the title of 'Overseas Popular Actor of the Year 2023'. This honor was bestowed upon them at the 'Shimo 3rd Anniversary Party' held in China on August 19, 2023.

The success of both actors is inseparable from their pivotal roles in the series 'Bed Friends', a show that has captured the hearts of numerous viewers worldwide. Within the BL community, they are recognized as a pair capable of delivering a potent and emotionally touching chemistry on screen. Both artists are affiliated with Domundi TV, an entertainment agency that has produced a number of popular works within the same genre.

The pinnacle of happiness was reached when Domundi TV officially announced through their Twitter account that Net Siraphop and James Supamongkon had successfully clinched the title of 'Overseas Popular Actor of the Year 2023'. This news was further confirmed by the two actors themselves, who also shared their jubilation by posting a photo with the award on their respective social media accounts.

In their respective posts, Net expressed his gratitude, "I am incredibly thrilled that we could secure the Overseas Popular Actor award this year. Thank you for your unwavering support. I love you all and hope to meet you again soon." James Supamongkon similarly conveyed his thanks to fans for their extraordinary support.

This award also serves as a tangible testament to the considerable influence that Net and James wield among fans beyond the borders of Thailand. Their fans expressed their warm congratulations for this achievement, with hopes of a close encounter with their idols in the near future. Moreover, fans' aspirations for the two actors to visit China or other countries in order to interact directly with their admirers further solidify their public presence.

In addition to the accolades from fans, their colleagues at Domundi TV, including Zee Pruk, also extended their heartiest congratulations for this exceptional feat. The support from their peers within the industry further underscores the perspective that Net Siraphop and James Supamongkon are not just talented actors, but also figures that contribute warmth and inspiration to the entertainment sector.

The 'Overseas Popular Actor of the Year 2023' award garnered by Net Siraphop and James Supamongkon not only signifies the zenith of their achievements, but also reflects the extent to which their work has endeared them to a global audience. Both actors have etched their names as individuals deserving of recognition within the entertainment domain, especially within the ever-growing niche of the BL genre.
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