MNET TV Announces LGBTQ+ Dating Reality Show 'Dizzying Blind DateZ' with Participation of Prominent Celebrities

MNET TV Announces LGBTQ+ Dating Reality Show 'Dizzying Blind DateZ' with Participation of Prominent Celebrities

In a surprising announcement, MNET TV has unveiled its plans to launch a new gay dating reality show titled 'Dizzying Blind Date Z (아찔한소개팅Z)'. The show is scheduled to premiere on September 6th.

One of the main attractions of this show is the participation of well-known celebrities from the LGBTQ+ community. Among the announced participants are Holland, Kim Chang Min from the show "His Man", and Jeongro. They will compete to win the heart of a man who is the focal point of the show.

Holland, who has garnered recognition through various appearances and hit songs, including 'Number Boy' released in collaboration with actors from 'Roommates of Poongduck 304' and a member of the K-Pop Group, Kim Ji Woong, returns to the spotlight as one of the contestants. Preview clips from the show have shown Holland alongside several other male participants, hinting at the competition to capture his attention. Some familiar faces have been identified by Twitter users. The preview also showcases moments where participants answer questions about the type of person they hope to encounter on the show, ranging from "handsome face" to "soccer player type" and "cute". The show also features the open participation of an actor regarding his sexual orientation, namely Hong Seok Cheon, who is also known as a host and restaurant owner. His presence is expected to add an intriguing dimension for the viewers.

Holland himself has confirmed his participation in the program through posts on his private Twitter account, adding to the anticipation surrounding his involvement. Snippets from the 'Dizzying Blind DateZ' show will be broadcasted on the Korean pay-TV channel MNet, with comedian Lee Eunji as the permanent host. This program is a reimagined version of the 2006 dating show titled 'Dizzy Blind Date'.

There is no denying the high level of enthusiasm towards Holland's appearance in this dating reality show. His courage and support for the LGBTQ+ community have captured attention, making this program one of the most highly anticipated. It is hoped that the unique concept and diverse representation of the participants will attract attention and appreciation from a wide range of viewers.
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