Idol Romance Releases Highly Anticipated Korean BL Drama Teaser - Why R U?

Idol Romance Releases Highly Anticipated Korean BL Drama Teaser - Why R U?

The South Korean entertainment industry is once again presenting an intriguing innovation in the form of the latest Boys Love (BL) drama titled 'Why R U?'. After releasing the first teaser, Idol Romance has unveiled a second teaser, a 40-second glimpse into their latest project. This teaser can be viewed on their YouTube channel ahead of its premiere later this month.

In this teaser, we are taken into the story of Lee Won, who discovers that his younger sister is writing a Boys Love novel that pairs him with Ji Oh. He swears that her creation will become reality. Lee Won and Ji Oh start to engage in frequent arguments whenever they meet, leading everyone on campus to assume they are in a romantic relationship. Has Lee Won finally realized that the novel is manifesting in real life? If not, why does he find himself involved with Ji Oh? What happens when Ji Oh seeks help from Lee Won? Can an acting class be the catalyst that transforms their tumultuous campus relationship into a blossoming romance? All these questions will find their answers in 'Why R U?'.

'Why R U?' is an eight-episode drama series centered around campus romance, and it's a South Korean adaptation of the Thai BL series of the same name. Produced by the same team behind series like 'Roommates Of Poongduck 304', 'Happy Ending Romance', and 'Once Again', this web drama showcases the talents of up-and-coming actors including Lee Jung Min, Lee Ye Hwan, Lee Sang Min, and Park Chang Hoon, portraying the characters Jung Lee Won, Kim Ji Oh, Woo Sun Woo, and Ko Yoo Kyeom. The story revolves around the campus romance of four students from the Faculty of Film and Media.

The web drama is scheduled to premiere on August 24th and will release two episodes every Thursday at noon KST on platforms such as Heavenly, Naver Series On, iQIYI, KKTV, and Rakuten TV.

Why R U? Korea Teaser

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