Wuju Bakery: Thailand-Korea BL Series Wraps Up Filming, Set to Premieres Next Year

Wuju Bakery: Thailand-Korea BL Series Wraps Up Filming, Set to Air Next Year

The entertainment world in Thailand and South Korea has felt a wave of excitement with the completion of the filming process for "Wuju Bakery." Starring Jeff Satur and Barcode Tinnasit, the series has wrapped up its production phase and is getting closer to its highly anticipated premiere.

Since the initial announcement in January by Be On Cloud, the production company responsible for the success of "Kinn Porsche: The Series," "The Hidden Character," and "Man Suang," which starred Mile Phakphum and Apo Nattawin, fan enthusiasm has grown irresistibly. They have informed the audience about their plans for 2023, including the romantic comedy BL series "Wuju Bakery (우주빵집)," which combines Thai and Korean cultures. In this project, viewers will follow the romantic story of Jeff Satur and Barcode Tinnasit, who underwent filming in South Korea. The success of this filming was proudly announced through their social media platform.

Both the production team and the actors have made important announcements that the filming of "Wuju Bakery" is complete. This is a significant moment for the production team and the cast who have worked hard. In their production team's post, they enthusiastically state that it's now time to meet at the "Wuju Bakery."

The storyline of "Wuju Bakery" is captivating with a promising synopsis. A small bakery that has been revived after going through various difficulties, located in an ancient village that holds cherished memories with parents. However, amid the eagerly anticipated opening ceremony preparations, a spaceship crashes and destroys the bakery. The intrigue deepens as an alien creature and the handsome owner are forced to live together in the bakery. An unusual friendship develops between them. At the same time, the secrets of the long-hidden alien creatures scattered throughout the city are finally revealed in their quest.

This project, produced through the collaboration between Hanyang Studio and A-Plan from Thailand and Korea, promises a fresh touch in the romance drama genre. Thus, the presence of this series is expected to provide a refreshing surprise for the audience, considering that other projects like "Love Is Like A Cat" starring Mew Suppasit and "Eccentric Romance" will also be coming soon.

With the conclusion of filming, we are all looking forward to the upcoming premiere date. An official teaser will be released soon to provide a clearer picture of what to expect from "Wuju Bakery." In the near future, we will be able to explore the intriguing mix of romance and comedy in this story.
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