Bright Vachirawit speaks out against fake news and defamation about drug use, Cheating and violence

Bright Vachirawit speaks out against fake news and defamation about drug use, Cheating and violence

Bright Vachirawit, who recently found himself in the midst of an unrelenting storm of fake news attempting to tarnish his name by linking a photo of an apartment room he had long vacated.

Bright Vachirawit, known for the popular Thai BL series "2Gether," is frustrated by a relentless barrage of fake news. Despite often facing false accusations, he always strives to keep himself in check and not harm anyone. However, this time, he feels the need to defend himself.

In an interview at the MCHOICE 2023 event at the Royal Paragon Hall, 5th floor of Siam Paragon, Bright finally spoke out about this controversy. He acknowledged that the circulating image is a photo of the apartment room he once occupied, although it's been three years since he left.

Bright said, "I'm very upset. We actually had plans to start our own company, but now I have to prepare for false claims. This is something that truly comes from the heart. I never wanted to come out and speak or attack anyone. I feel that I'm not the type of person who likes to explain everything. But this time, it's gone too far. I can say anything. I take care of myself, but if I'm accused of hitting my mother or my family, it really makes me angry. I love my mother and my family very much. Writing news like this makes others feel that if they don't follow this news, I will go out and eat. I can go anywhere. This time, I feel the need to protect myself. I want everyone to use social media wisely. I want everyone to help filter out fake news and not use social media to tarnish someone else's name. This is the last time for me."

Bright also explained the circulating photo, "I saw the photo. It's the room I lived in, but I haven't lived there for three years. I moved to my mother's house. I don't know if it's my room when I lived there or after I moved. The photo is not very clear, but what makes me angry is the claim that I stayed there longer than I should have. If people know me, they won't ask if it's true or not. They will ask who dares to write this. That's more accurate."

Bright also admitted that he is angry about this situation and feels the need to defend himself. He said, "If there's a picture of me, I usually wouldn't come out. When I meet friends, we gather in my room and play games. But I'm not sure if this picture was taken by my friend or what. It might have fallen into the hands of someone with ill intentions and used to write damaging news about me. The question is, 'Is this my picture?' I don't know. I've never seen this picture before. And I didn't stay in that room for a long time. I feel unappreciated. Maybe because I never defended myself, or maybe people felt I was an easy target. I want this to be the last time for me. Because I don't want to sit and sue or harm others. That's just a waste of time. I want to move forward and focus on the many projects I have right now. That's what I'm focusing on right now."

Due to this, Bright has finally decided to take legal action and has instructed his legal team to follow up. Although he hasn't spoken much about the legal details, he emphasizes that he will defend himself and ensure that justice is served.

Bright also shared his views on his career and his company, "I'm very happy to be able to start my own company. I admit it's tiring, but it's like having full control over everything. We can work with the team we've chosen, and I'm very excited about all the projects coming for cloud9 entertainment. Is it challenging? Yes, but over the past few years, I've started working behind the scenes more. It's like practice for me. We have more responsibilities now, and I feel happy doing it."

The "cloud 9" in his company's name has a dual meaning. It's not just about happiness but also represents Bright's journey, overcoming many obstacles to reach his current position. He also wants to ensure that every team member joining his company feels like family and receives proper support.

When asked about the responsibilities that come with being a company owner, Bright said, "We've just started, so I feel like we're still new. I want to make sure I'm okay first, and after that, I can take care of others. We're never really sure about ourselves. I feel if we take care of ourselves well first, we'll take care of others well too. That's just my thought."

He also talked about his plans for a "แกรนด์โอเพ่นนิ่ง" (Grand Opening Party) event scheduled for the end of this month. This event will be the official launch of his company and also serve as a press conference for a fan meeting scheduled for December.

Bright commented, "I'll have a Grand Opening Party, which will be held at the end of this month. It's a type of opening celebration for the company, and it will be a press conference for the upcoming fan meeting. We've started inviting some people to join us. Right now, I want to focus on myself first. It's like we're practicing for something. I want to take care of myself first, and if I'm sure I'm taking care of myself well, I'll start taking care of others."

Bright Vachirawit is a real example of a young artist who not only possesses talent but also the determination and spirit to protect his reputation and thrive in his career. Faced with fake news and criticism, he chooses to defend himself and stay focused on his goals. Bright faces the future with enthusiasm, motivated to live a happy and successful life.

Furthermore, his step in establishing his own company showcases his independence and his willingness to grow in the entertainment industry. Bright Vachirawit is proof that perseverance and dedication can lead someone to the pinnacle of success, even when facing various obstacles and controversies along the way.

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