Bright Vachirawit's Cloud9 Entertainment Aims to Make Thai Artists Global Stars

Bright Vachirawit Officially Launches Cloud9 Entertainment to Elevate Thai Artists to International Heights

On September 14, 2023, Bright Vachirawit, a Thai actor and model, officially launched his own Entertainment Label, Cloud9 Entertainment. During a launch event held in Bangkok (9/27), Bright revealed that his goal is to nurture Thai artists to reach international prominence.

"I'm not competing with anyone," said Bright. "I'm competing with myself to create better work. I'm ready to collaborate with everyone to grow the Thai market."

Bright stated that he and Cloud9 Entertainment will focus on developing artists prepared to work at the international level. He also expressed his desire to create a happy and productive work environment.

Currently, Bright is the sole artist under the umbrella of Cloud9. He mentioned that the company is still in the process of forming teams and systems, and he intends to be a "guinea pig" to test these systems before signing contracts with other artists.

Bright and Win Will Continue to Collaborate

Bright also emphasized that he will continue to collaborate with his partner from the television series "2gether," Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn.

"Win is my lifelong friend," said Bright. "We will keep working together on various projects."

Cloud9 Entertainment to Release Bright's Music in March 2024

Bright also announced that he will release his new music through Cloud9 Entertainment. He mentioned that his music will be gradually released starting in March 2024.

"I've listened to a variety of songs from different genres," said Bright. "I want to create something fresh and captivating."

The launch of Cloud9 Entertainment marks a significant milestone for Bright Vachirawit. This company will enable Bright to have greater control over his career and elevate Thai artists to international prominence.


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