Get Ready! Thai BL 'The Middleman's Love' Starring Tutor Koraphat and Yim Pharinyakorn Set to Premiere Soon

Get Ready! Thailand BL Series 'The Middleman's Love' Starring Tutor Koraphat and Yim Pharinyakorn Set to Premiere Soon

The highly anticipated Thai BL drama, "The Middleman's Love," has captured the attention of fans with news of new cast members and the ongoing production progress. In this article, we will delve into the production journey of this drama currently in the recording process.

After a brief hiatus that left many fans anxious, "The Middleman's Love" is back on track with renewed vigor. The replacement of lead actors from Jimmy Karn and Tommy Sittichok to Tutor Koraphat and Yim Pharinyakorn has been a hot topic in the Thai BL industry.

According to an official statement, Jimmy Jimmoi's departure from the project was due to personal reasons, a decision understood by many. Tommy Sittichok's choice to also leave the project surprised many fans. However, this change in cast has not dampened the production's spirits.

The selection of Tutor Koraphat and Yim Pharinyakorn as the lead actors for Mai and Jade has received a warm welcome from fans. Both actors had previously collaborated in the "Cutie Pie Series" alongside Zee Nunew, who is also a prominent name in the Thai BL scene.

The synopsis of "The Middleman's Love" has sparked curiosity. Jade, who has always felt overlooked by those around him, mistakenly believes that Mai is interested in his friend, Uea. Little does he know that Mai only has eyes for Jade.

This series will also be part of the same universe as "Bed Friend Series," which recently concluded its run. The NetJames duo from Bed Friend The Series will also return as KingUea in "The Middleman's Love."

Interestingly, during the press conference for "The Middleman's Love and Bed Friends," it was revealed that each series will have 8 episodes, resulting in a total of 16 episodes available to international fans through the Mandee Channel YouTube channel. The success of "Bed Friend Series" even led to an increase in the episode count to 10.

With this announcement, Thai BL fans can prepare for this year as the premiere of "The Middleman's Love" is just around the corner. We will continue to monitor the production's progress and provide the latest updates. Stay tuned to so you don't miss out on the latest news about BL series.


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