Gulf Kanawut and Mark Pakin have been buddies since elementary school, and they even flirt the same girl!

Gulf Kanawut And Mark Pakin Turn Out To Be Besties Since Elementary School, They Even Had Crush On The Same Girl

In the world of entertainment filled with pressure and competition, sometimes funny stories about friendships that have grown since school days are heard. This is a story involving two famous Thai actors, Gulf Kanawut and Mark Pakin, who recently shared a surprising piece of their past.

When Gulf Kanawut, famous for his role in "Tharntype The Series," spoke to the local media in Thailand, he revealed an interesting secret. It turns out that he and another GMMTV actor, Mark Pakin, were once attracted to the same girl when they were in school. In the interview, Gulf mentioned that they both attended the same elementary school and later reunited in high school.

"Mark and I have actually been friends for a long time, since elementary school. We went to the same school, and we were always together, but in high school, we briefly separated. Then I went to Suankularb, and it turned out that Mark was there too, and we met again at Suankularb," said Gulf.

He continued to share that at that time, both of them were vying for the affection of the same girl. He also mentioned that Mark wasn't the flirtatious type of guy.

"Mark is not flirty. Mark was initially trying to get close to (the girl), but I was secretly crushing on the girl that Mark was pursuing too. But I talked to Mark about it," he explained.

Looking back on their past, Gulf could only laugh as he remembered their funny teenage love story during their school days. Now, both of them continue to maintain a close friendship, even though they once competed for the affections of a girl.

Gulf Kanawut's Interview


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