Man Suang: Be On Cloud Launches Unique Promotion with Lead Actors

Be On Cloud Presents a Unique Promotion for the Movie 'Man Suang' with Its Lead Actors

Be On Cloud, the renowned Thai film production house known for its remarkable works, once again showcases its innovation in promoting its latest movie, "Man Suang."

This time, Be On Cloud has organized a unique promotion by inviting the main cast of the film, including Milie Phakphum, Apo Nattawin, Bas Asavapatr, and Tong Thanayut, to tour the city of Korat in a parade of cars.

This promotion has been warmly welcomed by "Man Suang" movie fans in Korat and its surroundings. Many fans lined the streets and followed the cars to greet their favorite actors.

This promotion represents a new approach by 'Be On Cloud' to promote its film 'Man Suang.' With this method, the actors can directly interact with the target audience and build stronger connections.

"Man Suang" is a detective period film set in the late reign of Rama III in Bangkok. The film narrates the story of two men from Paetriw who are tasked with investigating Man Suang, a luxurious and mysterious entertainment venue in the capital.

Even before its release, this film received a warm reception due to its gripping storyline and stunning production. "Man Suang" has been screening in Thai cinemas since August 24, 2023, and as of today, it remains at the top as the most-watched film in Thailand, earning over 22.4 million Baht within just 4 days.
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