Me Mind Confirms 2 New Dramas - Will BossNoeul and FortPeat Be the Leads? Here's Their Response!

Me Mind Confirms 2 New Dramas - Will BossNoeul and FortPeat Be the Leads? Here's Their Response!

The entertainment industry in Thailand has been flooded with successful television adaptations of popular novels. One of the major players in this trend is Me Mind Y, who previously brought us hits like "TharnType The Series" and "Love in the Air The Series." The latest news reveals that Me Mind Y is set to bring two new adaptations of novels, once again teaming up with some big names in the Thai acting scene, BossNoeul and FortPeat.

New Projects

In an official announcement made through their social media accounts, Me Mind Y has confirmed two new projects based on novels by Mame, a renowned Thai author. This news has been eagerly awaited by fans, although Me Mind Y is currently keeping the novels to be adapted under wraps.

Due to much speculation, even before Me Mind Y officially announced their new projects, rumors have been circulating. The first rumored project is "The Boy Next World," which is said to be the story of P'Cir and Phugun, with speculation that BossNoeul may take on a leading role.

The second rumored project is "Love Sand," which is also rumored to feature FortPeat in a new role.

Both rumors have emerged due to the following:

  1. BossNoeul changing the color and style of their hair, which fans believe resembles the character Phugun from "The Boy Next World."
  2. Photos and videos of FortPeat at a beach location, suggesting they may be involved in filming and trailer recording.
  3. Fort posting a photo with a message on their iPad that reads "Intro Love S..."

Mystery and Excitement

Although there has been no official announcement regarding the cast and whether BossNoeul and FortPeat will be the leads in these projects, fans have eagerly collected every clue and hint that has surfaced.

Most recently, in a recent press conference at FEEDY CAPITAL 2nd, many reporters interviewed BossNoeul and FortPeat. They were asked if they would have new dramas and if the projects announced by Me Mind Y are the ones they will be starring in.

All four actors had a similar response, stating that fans should wait for further announcements from Me Mind Y. However, they did confirm their involvement in these new projects. Not only that, Boss mentioned that it won't be just them (BossNoeul), but there will also be other pairings. "Not just the two of us. There are also works with other pairs," Boss said.

Meanwhile, Peat also confirmed that fans will see FortPeat together again in this project. "Yes, you will see us together again," Peat said.

Spoilers and Expectations

In the press conference, BossNoeul and FortPeat gave some hints about these projects. They revealed that the characters they will portray this time will be more mature than before, promising an exciting change in character dynamics and storytelling.

Additionally, there are indications that these projects will involve more pairings beyond BossNoeul and FortPeat, raising questions about how dynamics will develop in these new projects.


Me Mind Y has announced two new adaptations of novels that will once again feature BossNoeul and FortPeat in highly anticipated roles. While there are still many mysteries and clues to unravel, fans have been eagerly observing every hint with enthusiasm. This is an exciting time for Thai BL drama fans, and everyone is eagerly awaiting what Me Mind Y will bring to the screen next.


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