Mek Jirakit Joins Red Peafowl BL Cast with Long Lee, Frank, and Boun

Mek Jirakit Joins the Cast of BL Red Peafowl Alongside Long Lee, Frank, and Boun

The cast of the new upcoming Thai BL series, Red Peafowl, has expanded. After previously announcing Long Lee Shi, Frank Thanatsaran, and Boun Noppanut, it's now Mek Jirakit's turn to join this project.

In this drama, Mek Jirakit will play the role of Khun Chai Ing, a high-class celebrity from Feiichi County.

Red Peafowl will tell the story of a mafia and a police officer who fall in love, scheduled to air in 2024.

About Red Peafowl

The drama "Red Peafowl The Series" is adapted from the novel of the same name by Ju~oN. This novel was published in 2013 and became one of the best-selling novels in Thailand.

This drama is about Lu Yi Peng, a former police officer who decides to live with Shuai on an island, raising birds. However, he realizes that the person he once had a relationship with is a powerful mafia boss.

Brief Profile of Mek Jirakit

Mek Jirakit is a Thai actor and singer born in 1994. He is best known for his roles as View in the GMMTV Room Alone 401-410 series (2014) and Room Alone 2 (2015), as Zero in the Ugly Duckling Series: Don't (2015), as well as Hawk in the U-Prince Series (2016–2017) and Star And Sky: Sky In Your Heart (2023).

Fan Reactions

Fans have welcomed Mek Jirakit's addition to the cast of Red Peafowl. Many express their enthusiasm to see Mek Jirakit's performance in this BL series.

"I'm thrilled that Mek Jirakit has joined Red Peafowl. I'm sure he will deliver an outstanding performance," wrote one fan on Twitter.

"Congratulations, I can't wait to see your appearance," another fan wrote.
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