New Upcoming Korean BL Drama 'LIKE (라이크)' posted a casting call

New Upcoming Korean BL Drama 'LIKE (라이크)' posted a casting call

Recently, through the websites and, a user named Hojun Kim (김호준) has announced casting call for the lead roles in the Korean BL drama "LIKE! (라이크)". This drama will be directed by Kim Ho Jun and will consist of six episodes with a total duration of approximately 100 minutes.

In the announcement, it is stated that "LIKE!" will encompass the genres of queer, romance, coming-of-age, and drama. The drama will tell the story of two young men who fall in love.

They have also informed applicants that "LIKE!" is a BL drama, so there will be kissing scenes and physical contact. Therefore, applicants should consider this theme before submitting their applications.

The casting process for the drama is looking for two actors to portray "A" and "B":

• "A" is 21 years old and is an ENFP (ENFP is a personality type that tends to be open and sociable with others). He is the type of person who quietly went through his high school days, but when he entered university, his potential rapidly blossomed. He has many things he wants to do and explore. He is very honest about his feelings.

• "B" is 21 years old and is an ISTJ (ISTJ is a personality type that doesn't like manipulating emotions and playing games with others). He is an athlete and has a strong physique. Due to an injury he suffered in high school, he is currently studying at university but has not yet decided his path. He takes everything seriously and is the type of person who cares deeply for one person, even when it comes to dating.

Filming for "LIKE!" is scheduled to begin in November and continue through December.

This audition announcement is evidently drawing attention because they explicitly mention the kissing scenes and physical contact that will be included. This indicates that the producers of this drama are committed to creating a realistic and representative BL drama.
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