Nunew Chawarin: Inspiring with Messages of Awareness in the Entertainment World and Marriage Equality within the Same Sex, 'Each love deserves its equality'

Nunew Chawarin: Inspiring with Messages of Awareness in the Entertainment World and Marriage Equality within the Same Sex, 'Each love deserves its equality'

In the ever-evolving entertainment world, Nunew Chawarin, a renowned actor and singer from Thailand, boldly addresses important issues that haunt actors in the BL (Boys' Love) drama industry and highlights our responsibility as fans in using social media.

In an interview on "Chairs to Share," Nunew revealed his life journey, from childhood memories to his dream of becoming a singer and BL actor. He also voiced his stance on the importance of same-sex marriage.

Although proud to be "born" into the world of BL drama, Nunew does not shy away from criticizing prejudice against the acting skills of actors in this genre. This is an essential attitude to overcome stereotypes that often hinder the entertainment industry's progress.

HOST : "Let's talk about you as an actor. Obviously, you're known from the boy-love series. How do you see the progress in these series in the future? Also, how do you see your role as an actor in the future? Are you staying in BL series, a movie, or anything? How do you see your progress in the future?"

NUNEW : "I think, I want to try everything I want. I don't have any problems with anything. I even feel proud that I've grown up with BL series. Nowadays, there's a differentiation saying that, BL series actors are just BL series actors. It means they don't have that much skills. I want people to look at BL series as a series. BL series actors are actors. I don't want people to differentiate BL series or see it as an unusual one. I've been trying to prove myself too."

Nunew also talked about the impact of words and comments on social media, emphasizing how important it is to think twice before speaking and posting things that can harm someone's mental health. This is a relevant message in today's digitally open era.

HOST : "In our show Chairs to Share, we would like you to share something. It could be anything. It could be about yourself or something you think it',s important. Either a small or big deal. What's the thing you want to share with us today?"

NUNEW : "Actually, I want to share with everyone that social media is quite sensitive these days. Like when I release my work, there is a team crew who try their best to support me. They really work hard for it. But sometimes, there could be a misunderstanding. I would like people in social media to be aware of what they speak. We never know how much things we say, or type, in social media will impact one's mind or how it could leave a scar in their mind. Please use kind words with each other."

But more importantly, Nunew has been supporting Same-Sex Marriage in Thailand even before becoming famous and pledges to continue supporting it until same-sex marriage is officially recognized. Initiatives like these not only inspire but also give a voice to those still struggling for their rights.

HOST : "One thing you've been taking seriously even before you entered the showbiz is the diversity and marriage equality. Thailand has been continuously moving forward with more hope than the last decades. Can you please tell me your point of view towards the importance of marriage equality today?"

NUNEW : "Many people that have been following me since the beginning will know that I've supported this long before I entered the industry. To when I was in the series or today, I'm still supporting it. I want it to finally 100% completely happen in Thailand. Actually, equality is what everyone should have, no matter who. No matter what kind of love. Some might think that only love is enough. Being in love with one another is enough. In reality, I would say it's not enough. Each love deserves its equality. Each love deserves to have equal love and equal rights."

Nunew is a real example that with hard work and great talent, one can achieve many things in a short time. The final takeaway is the importance of speaking wisely and not harming anyone through comments or misunderstandings on social media. Hopefully, Nunew and other celebrities will continue to inspire and change society's views on important issues in the entertainment world.

To complete this article, please watch the "Chairs To Share" interview with Nunew Chawarin on The Standard Pop's YouTube channel:


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