Shameful!! Someone Sells Phuwin Tangsakyuen Polaroid Photos for Hundreds of Dollars

Shameful!! Someone Sells Phuwin Tangsakyuen Polaroid Photos for Hundreds of Dollars

Recently, a fan of the Thai actor, Phuwin Tangsakyuen, stumbled upon a listing on a Chinese online shopping site selling signed polaroid photos of the actor at exorbitant prices. These photos were priced between 1000 CNY to 2000 CNY, which is approximately $USD136 to $USD273.

The post quickly went viral and garnered criticism from various quarters, with many deeming this action as disrespectful to Phuwin as an idol.

In a circulated video, several individuals suspected to be fans of Phuwin can be seen interacting with the actor. Phuwin is also seen amiably accommodating his fans' requests for photos and autographs.

However, after obtaining photos with Phuwin's signature, these individuals proceeded to sell them on an online shopping site. This naturally left Phuwin feeling disappointed and angry.

"I think when someone taking a pic of their bias then they see another artist getting on grab bike then they come to ask to take a pic + autograph, then they take these to sell again, I think they don’t respect their bias who stand there watching them and also grab bike waste time waiting na krab" Phuwin wrote on Twitter.

Phuwin also urged his fans not to engage in such behavior. He hoped that his fans would respect him and not exploit his kindness.

In response to this, the online shopping site has removed the listings of Phuwin's polaroid photos being sold at exorbitant prices. Nevertheless, the actions of these individuals remain a valuable lesson for all of us.

As fans, we should be able to respect our idols by not exploiting their kindness and by honoring their privacy.


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