Synopsis Korean BL Drama 'Bon Appetit' Will Premiering on September 27th on iQIYI

Synopsis Korean BL Drama 'Bon Appetit' Will Premiering on September 27th on iQIYI

Korean BL Drama "Bon Appetit" starring Lee Ki Taek and Yoo Jung Hoon will premiere on September 27 on the global streaming platform iQIYI. This drama is produced by New Entertainment and directed by Hang Gyu Il.


Yoon Soo is a dedicated and busy office worker. He is always immersed in his work, shuttling between home and the office every day. His life feels monotonous and mundane.

One day, Yoon Soo meets his neighbor, Doo Hoon, a young man who suddenly dropped out of school. Doo Hoon is Yoon Soo's junior from college. He used to have a crush on Yoon Soo but chose to avoid him, feeling unworthy.

One day, Doo Hoon brings a bowl of sweet rice soup to Yoon Soo as a housewarming gift. Yoon Soo accepts this sweet dish, and suddenly, his world brightens as the sweetness warms his weary soul.

Doo Hoon confesses that he once lacked the courage to express his feelings to Yoon Soo. However, over the years, Doo Hoon has left his past behind. Meanwhile, Yoon Soo begins to unconsciously care about Doo Hoon from that moment on.

Character Development

Yoon Soo is a successful office worker. He has a stable job and a high salary. However, behind his success, Yoon Soo is actually a lonely and unhappy person. He feels that his life is empty and purposeless.

Doo Hoon is a cheerful and optimistic young man. He has a passion for culinary arts and dreams of becoming a professional chef. Doo Hoon is a positive individual who can always bring a smile to others' faces.

This drama was originally scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2022 but was later postponed to 2023. "Bon Appetit" will be the first BL drama from Gogo Studio distributed by New Entertainment, known for distributing BL dramas on the global streaming platform iQIYI, such as "Director Who Buys Me Dinner," "Love Tractor," and "Sing My Crush."

Here is more information about "Bon Appetit":

  • Air Date: September 27, 2023, at 7 AM GMT+8
  • Platform: iQIYI (International), Heavenly (South Korea)
  • Genre: Comedy-Romance
  • Number of Episodes: 8
  • Duration: 30 minutes (except for the final episode, which is 1 hour 12 minutes)

BL drama fans in Korea and around the world are eagerly anticipating the heartwarming love story between Do Hoon and Yoon Soo.


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