Upcoming Thai BL Drama 'Red Peafowl The Series' Adds Dun Romchampa to Cast

Upcoming Thai BL Drama 'Red Peafowl The Series' Adds Dun Romchampa to Cast

The upcoming Thai BL drama "Red Peafowl The Series" has added Dun Romchampa to its cast.

In the drama, Dun will play Chen Qin, a police officer from the CIS unit with a calm and tough personality. He is the commander of the C4 police squad.

Previously, six actors had been confirmed to be cast in the drama, namely:

1. Lee Long Shi as Tong Baishi, the Green Dragon Mafia of the Qinglong Gang. Tong Baishi is a cruel figure and is known for human trafficking, both living and dead.

2. Frank Thanatsaran as Yu Mo Yi, Lu Yi Peng's best friend. Yu Mo Yi is a secret agent for Fei Qi and is Tong Baishi's rival.

3. Boun Noppanut as Hua Hong, the Golden Lion Mafia, leader of the Huang Si Zi Gang. Hua Hong is a godfather in the gambling business and is the heir to his father's business who disappeared without a trace.

4. Mek Jirakit as Khun Chai Ing, a high-class celebrity from the county.

5. Max Nattapol as Mafia Tia Bai, the White Kirin mafia of the Bai Qilin Gang.

6. Earth Katsamonnat as Lu Ma Yun, Lu Yi Peng's beloved younger brother. His existence will be one of the important factors that change the direction of Lu Yipeng's life.

The drama "Red Peafowl The Series" is adapted from the novel of the same name by Ju~oN. The novel was published in 2013 and became one of the best-selling novels in Thailand.

The drama tells the story of Lu Yi Peng, a former police officer who decided to live with Shuai on an island, raising birds. However, he realizes that the person he had a relationship with is a powerful mafia boss.

"Red Peafowl The Series" is scheduled to premiere in Thailand in early 2024.


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