WUJU BAKERY, Thailand-Korea BL Series Set to Air This November 2023, Here's the Synopsis

WUJU BAKERY, BL Drama Thailand-Korea Set to Air This November 2023, Here's the Synopsis

Recently, the production team of the collaboration between Be On Cloud and Hanyang Studio announced that the latest BL drama, Wuju Bakery, will premiere in November 2023.

This drama stars two popular actors from Thailand, Jeff Satur and Tinnasit Isarapongporn (Barcode). Barcode will play the role of Wuju, a young man with dreams of opening a bakery, while Jeff will portray Raon, an alien who escaped from his planet.


Wuju had just turned 20 when his father passed away in an accident. He had to work hard to support himself and, after years of labor, he finally returned to his hometown to reopen his father's bakery.

Unfortunately, Wuju's bakery is located in a town that has transformed into a ghost town, leaving his bakery with no customers. Wuju persists in keeping the bakery open, even though he knows it will be a struggle.

One day, an accident occurs in front of Wuju's bakery. A spaceship carrying Raon, an alien, crash-lands on top of the bakery. Wuju mistakes Raon for an illegal immigrant and demands compensation for the damage to his bakery.

Raon has no money, so he offers to work for Wuju until he can pay for the damages. Wuju agrees, and the two eventually become friends.

Wuju Bakery is a BL drama that combines elements of romantic comedy and science fiction. It will tell the story of Wuju, a young man who dreams of realizing his bakery dreams.

Wuju and Raon are two very different characters. Wuju is a hardworking and determined individual, while Raon is an innocent alien who knows nothing about the world. However, they both share one common goal: to make their dreams come true.

Wuju Bakery is set to air in November 2023 with a total of 8 episodes, each lasting approximately 30 minutes.
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