Benjamin Brasier and Folk Touch to Star in Upcoming BL Series "The Hidden Moon The Series"

Benjamin Brasier and Folk Touch Star in 'The Hidden Moon The Series'

Good news for fans of Benjamin Brasier and Folk Touch. These two handsome actors are set to co-star in a new BL drama titled "The Hidden Moon The Series (เดือนพราง)."

In this drama, Ben will play the role of Mas, a spirit residing in an old house. Meanwhile, Folk will portray Khen, a copywriter who visits an old house in Chiang Mai to write an article about it.

"The Hidden Moon The Series" is a supernatural horror BL drama that tells the story of a writer, Khen, who travels to Chiang Mai to write an article about an old house. While there, he starts seeing ghosts after a near-fatal accident.

The drama is adapted from the novel "The Hidden Moon (เดือนพราง)" by Violet Rain and was announced to be made into a series last September.

Synopsis of The Hidden Moon The Series

Benjamin Brasier and Folk Touch Star in 'The Hidden Moon The Series'

"The Hidden Moon The Series" is a drama that follows a love story spanning generations, where the moon plays a crucial role. Khen's life is colored by beautiful and bitter memories of his childhood closely tied to the moon. However, when he arrives at an unexpected place, he cannot avoid recalling his mysterious past.

The story takes us back to 1914, where an Englishman, Mr. Thomas Coleridge, left Thailand to serve his country. He had a Thai lover named Tuptim, who had a son named Mas. A dark secret from the past involving this family will resurface.

The drama also includes supernatural elements, with the presence of spirits and ghosts with human-like feelings and emotions. The unfulfilled love between Khen and Mas is filled with tension as they realize that their love could bring disaster.

A fundamental question arises: what will happen when two moons meet unexpectedly? Will fate lead them towards darkness or otherwise?

About Benjamin Brasier

Benjamin Brasier, or Ben, is a half Thai-half English actor known in the BL world for his role as Phana in 2Moons Season 2. He was also a member of a music group called Ordinary X Quake before the group seemingly disbanded in 2020.

About Folk Touch

Folk is a Thai actor under STMD Thailand. After graduating from Udonthammanuson High School, he pursued studies in digital media & cinematic art at Bangkok University. He has appeared in several dramas, including "Brothers" and "Thank God It's Friday."

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