BL Rom-Com Manga 'Perfect Propose' to Be Adapted into Drama, Starring Kota Nomura and Shunya Kaneko

BL Comedy Romance Manga 'Perfect Propose' to Be Adapted into Drama, Starring Kota Nomura and Shunya Kaneko

The highly popular manga series, "Perfect Propose" (パーフェクトプロポーズ), is currently in the process of being adapted into a much-anticipated television drama. In this drama, two renowned actors, Kota Nomura and Shunya Kaneko, previously known for their roles in the film "Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga" (2021), will take on the leading roles.

Kota Nomura will portray the character Kai Fukaya, a young man with a strong and assertive personality, yet with tenderness in matters of love and cooking. Kai slowly captures the heart of Hirokuni Watari, to be portrayed by Shunya Kaneko. Hirokuni is a man who might appear unfriendly at first, but beneath his cold exterior, he is an extraordinary individual with a heart full of compassion.

This drama will be directed by Tadaaki Horai, who was previously involved in the production of the live-action adaptation of "My Love Mix-Up!". The script will be written by Takeshi Miyamoto, also the scriptwriter for "Old Fashion Cupcake."


Hirokuni Watari is an office worker who feels highly stressed and unhappy. He can barely sleep or eat properly, and life feels monotonous. One day, after an incredibly long day, Hirokuni collapses on the sidewalk. When he wakes up, he is surprised by the presence of a stranger, Kai Fukaya, who claims that Hiro once promised to marry him. Although Hiro is confused and does not remember making such a promise, Kai insists on taking on the role of Hiro's fiancé.

Release Date:

It is scheduled for 'Perfect Propose' to start airing on Fuji TV On Demand in the year 2024.

Fan Reactions:

Fans of this manga are eagerly looking forward to seeing their favorite story brought to life on the television screen. They are highly anticipating how Kaneko and Nomura will portray the characters of Hiro and Kai. "Perfect Propose" is a romantic comedy drama expected to be very appealing to fans of this genre. This adaptation is anticipated to remain faithful to the original manga's story and will explore themes such as love and friendship.


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