Boun Noppanut Responds to Unfounded Rumors of Breakup from BounPrem: Why do you know more than I do?

Boun Noppanut Responds to Unfounded Rumors of Breakup from BounPrem: Why do you know more than I do?

Boun Noppanut, one of the main actors from the Thai drama series Between Us The Series and Even Sun Series, recently responded to baseless accusations about his separation from his co-star, Prem Warut. These accusations were made by an unidentified Twitter user.

In their post, the user alleged that Boun and Prem had broken up because Boun was too ambitious and fame-hungry. They also claimed that Wabi Sabi, the agency representing Boun and Prem, intentionally sabotaged the BounPrem ship.

"I always knew what wabi sabi were up to, slowly but surely they're going to break the BounPrem ship and boun being fame hungry will follow whatever that director wants That's why they're testing the waters now first with Brazil now this..."

Boun responded to these accusations through his Twitter account. He stated that he is just an ordinary human with feelings. He has tried his best to ignore the lies being spread about him, but he felt the need to speak up.

"I'm also like you (a human). I've tried my best to ignore the lies, but I've seen the tags. Where do you get your news? Or is it just your own thoughts? Why do you know more than I do? In the series I'm in, if you read the interviews, I play a guest role. Prem couldn't come to Brazil because he has a job to do. If you don't know the truth, please don't say it, readers will laugh. Another thing: I'm an actor. If I don't want to play with people, who will I play with?"

"I try my best not to care about untrue things, but sometimes I just come here (Twitter) to see the tags and talk to my fans. I have to meet people like you who don't know anything but feel they know more than they should and keep typing like this. You might think that I won't read it, I don't care, I'm not disappointed. Do you know why? You only spend a few minutes typing this, and then you let it go. But I have to deal with it for months. I dare not play on Twitter because I'm afraid of being disappointed by untrue things that we didn't do."

Boun and Prem have become a popular Thai actor couple, starring in several drama series together, including Between Us The Series and Even Sun Series. They are also known for their sweet and humorous interactions off-screen.

Accusations like these can be very distressing. Therefore, it's important for all of us to be wise and not spread information that may not be true.


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