GagaOOLala's New BL Horror Series 'Shadow' to Premiere on Halloween

GagaOOLala is ready to accompany Halloween with the BL Horror Series "Shadow"

The LGBTQ+ online film and drama streaming platform GagaOOLala will release a new BL series titled "Shadow" on October 31, 2023, at 22:00 GMT+8. This series will tell a spooky horror story and the mystery behind someone's disappearance.

The series stars Singto Prachaya as Dan, the main protagonist who experiences sleep disorders and tries to understand the meaning behind his dreams while investigating the disappearance of Trin (Fiat Patchata).

In addition to Singto and Fiat, the series also features Fluke Natouch as Nai, who is Dan's classmate, helping Dan and his friends in the investigation of Trin's disappearance and supporting Dan in overcoming the disturbing shadow.

This drama consists of a total of 14 episodes that will captivate viewers with a complex and emotional storyline. The project is guided by two talented directors, Tung Panich Pongpanich and Ark Saroj Kunatanad, who will bring captivating visuals and atmospheres to each scene. The script is written by Zaii Nuttamon Yimyam, Pacharawan Chaipuwarat, and Chakorn Chaiprecha, creating a storyline full of mystery.

"Shadow" is a unique and intriguing BL series that combines the supernatural, thriller, mystery, and horror genres. The series will premiere exclusively on GagaOOLala on October 31, 2023, at 22:00 GMT+8.


In the "BL Shadow" drama set in 1999, Dan, an eleventh-grade student, transfers to the all-boys Catholic school, Saint Lawrence’s. His father is receiving treatment at the nearby hospital for late-stage brain cancer, and his mother passed away when he was only seven years old.

Dan has a close relationship with Brother Anurak, the school's dean, who is also a psychologist. Brother Anurak tries to cure Dan of the sleep disorder he experiences. In his dreams, Dan sees a shadow that suffocates him, and this problem worsens after his transfer. Brother Anurak searches for meaning in these dreams and believes that Dan has a complex related to his father.

Panic ensues on Dan's first day at school when he chooses to sit at the desk of Trin, a mysterious senior who vanished in the lake behind the school a year earlier. No one dares to sit at that desk, and no one dares to dispose of it. During his time at school, Dan gets to know his classmates, Nai, and his roommate, Josh, as well as Cha-aim, a student from Saint Mary's who comes to perform in the annual play. As the four of them grow closer, they begin to investigate Trin's disappearance while helping Dan evade the shadow that haunts him.


1. Trin (Portrayed by Fiat Patchata Janngeon): Trin is a mysterious senior character who disappeared a year before the drama's story begins. Dan chooses to sit at his desk, which becomes a focal point. Trin's life and disappearance are the main mystery in the story, and Fiat Patchata Janngeon's role in the drama is to bring this character to life with a strong sense of mystery.

2. Dan (Portrayed by Singto Prachaya Ruangroj): Dan is the main protagonist in the story. He is a student who transfers to Saint Lawrence’s Catholic school. Dan faces personal challenges, with his father being seriously ill and losing his mother at a very young age. While at the new school, he also experiences sleep disturbances and nightmares involving a mysterious shadow. Singto Prachaya Ruangroj portrays the character Dan, who tries to overcome his issues while investigating Trin's disappearance.

3. Nai (Portrayed by Fluke Natouch Siripongthon): Nai is Dan's classmate and becomes his close friend at Saint Lawrence’s. He gets involved in investigating Trin's disappearance. Fluke Natouch Siripongthon portrays Nai, who helps Dan unravel the mysteries at their school.

These three characters play pivotal roles in developing the plot of the "BL Shadow" drama and go through their own journeys as the story unfolds.


  • Directors: Tung Panich Pongpanich and Ark Saroj Kunatanad
  • Writers: Zaii Nuttamon Yimyam, Pacharawan Chaipuwarat, and Chakorn Chaiprecha
  • Producer: VIU Original
  • Platform: GagaOOLala (International, Except Japan and Taiwan) and VIU (Thailand)
  • Premiere Date: October 31, 2023, at 22:00 GMT+8 (GagaOOLala) and October 31, 2023, at 20:00 GMT+7 (VIU)
  • Genre: Supernatural, Thriller, Mystery, and Horror
  • Episodes: 14



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