CH3 Thailand and Mandee Work to Produce New BL Series 'To Be Continued'

CH3 Thailand and Mandee Work to Produce New BL Series 'To Be Continued'

CH3 Thailand and Mandee Work, two of Thailand's most renowned production houses, have announced that they will be producing a new BL series titled "To Be Continued". The series will star young actors Junior Kajbhunditt and Fluke Pongsapat.

The story follows two young people who were once very close as teenagers, but fate separated them before their feelings could be revealed. Ten years later, can their old love still be rekindled? Their reunion in adulthood becomes a true test for both of them, challenging them to explore whether the feelings that were once buried are still alive or have faded. This is a defining moment that will force them to make a difficult decision—whether they are willing to move forward together or choose different paths.

"To Be Continued" is adapted from a best-selling novel by novelist "Nathakorn" titled "Khun Pai Daan (คุณได้ไปต่อ)".

The decision by CH3 Thailand and Mandee Work to produce "To Be Continued" has been met with enthusiasm by BL fans around the world. This is because the two production houses are known for their high production quality and talented actors.

In the drama, Fluke Pongsawat will play the role of "Ji", a stubborn, dirty-faced man with a sincere heart and a sweet smile, while Junior Kajbundhitt will play the character of "Achi", a rising star actor with a handsome face, a beautiful smile, tall and slender, but shy and introverted.

According to the X (Twitter) account of CH3 Thailand and Mandee Work, "To Be Continued" is scheduled to air in 2024, but the exact date for the airing of the drama has not yet been announced.


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