Tia51 Introduces 2 New Young Actors Set to Star in 'Love Sick The Series 2024'

Tia51 Introduces 2 New Young Actors Set to Star in 'Love Sick The Series 2024'

Tia51 Entertainment, the Thai production house, has unveiled the fresh faces for the popular BL series 'Love Sick,' set for a remake in 2024.

On November 11, 2023, Tia51 announced that newcomer Poomsuwan Suwansatit (Almond) will take on the role of Phun, while Passawish Thamasungkeeti (Progress) will portray Noh.

In addition to introducing the new cast, Tia51 released character posters for 'Love Sick 2024,' featuring Almond and Progress donned in school uniforms.

Tia51 also revealed the teaser release schedule for 'Love Sick 2024.' The short version is set to drop on November 19, 2023, followed by the extended version on November 26, 2023.

The news of the new cast for 'Love Sick 2024' has been met with enthusiasm from fans. Many admirers have praised the visuals of Almond and Progress.

"I can't wait to see the chemistry between Almond and Progress," tweeted one fan.

"Almond and Progress look perfectly suited for the roles of Phun and Noh," said another fan.

"The only remake that truly excites me because the trailer looks promising, and the chemistry shines through the main cast in the trailer," expressed another fan.

"They will take us all back to nostalgia," remarked another fan.

'Love Sick' first aired in 2014, telling the love story between Phun, a student council vice president, and Noh, a school Music Club president facing budget difficulties and seeking Phun's assistance.

'Love Sick' became one of the most popular BL series in Thailand and worldwide. It is hailed as Thailand's first BL series, laying the foundation for the growth of BL Series in Thailand.

With the introduction of the new cast, 'Love Sick 2024' is expected to continue the success of its original series.


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