Win Pawin Denying Allegations of Physical Violence: I Was Just Defending Myself

Win Pawin Denying Allegations of Physical Violence: I Was Just Defending Myself
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Young actor from GMMTV, Win Pawin, asserts that the allegations of physical violence directed at him by his ex-girlfriend are untrue. Through an exclusive press conference interview, Win shared his clarification from his perspective, affirming that he was merely defending himself and preventing harm to himself. He urges all parties to remain calm, await the truth, and be prepared to face the case with confidence in the evidence he possesses. Win also stated his readiness to await the resolution of the case before returning to work under his management agency.

However, sharp criticism erupted on social media following this incident, including a dramatic incident where his ex-girlfriend vented her anger by throwing a computer from the 33rd floor of a luxury apartment, resulting in injury to a security guard in the area where the computer fell.

On February 28, 2024, Win issued further clarification regarding the incident, revealing that his agency had decided to suspend his work indefinitely while remaining open to listening to others.

Win recounted the chronology of events that occurred since February 9, where he stated that he tried to end his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, whom he admitted had been dating for about a month, but she continued to try to maintain the relationship. He then explained the incidents that occurred on February 18-23, which included his ex-girlfriend's suicide attempt and attempts to harm herself with a knife and scissors. Win stated that these actions were only taken in response to protect himself and prevent potential harm.

"I have to admit that I was in a relationship with her for about a month. The incident actually started on February 9. She intended to jump from the balcony, so I stopped her and agreed to continue dating. But shortly after, she decided on me, and I accepted. As I was packing, she ran to grab a rope and tried to hang herself.

On February 22, I was chatting with a friend. She felt jealous, so she took a rope and tied it around her neck. I prevented her and put my phone down for fear the situation would worsen. Then she tried to jump off the balcony, and I stopped her so we fought, and she ran to grab a knife and wanted to stab me, I defended myself, took the knife from her and threw it to the corner of the room. As I turned around, I locked the balcony so she couldn't get out. She took scissors and wanted to stab me, she approached me so I had to push her away. As I pushed her away for the first time, she ran again, so I pushed her again and took the scissors and threw them to the corner of the room."

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Despite allegations of physical violence being directed at him, Win asserts that no violence was committed according to those allegations. He also stated that he has video recordings as evidence showing that the actions he took were only to protect himself.

"As evidence, I have audio clips and screen recordings of video calls with friends. The screen recording was made by my friend."

Win also responded to questions about their relationship, expressing that there were arguments that occurred, but he always tried to calm the situation. He also expressed sadness over the situation, especially when emotions were involved in arguments.

In the context of the ongoing legal case, Win stated that he has been reported to the police and is willing to fully cooperate in the legal process. He emphasized that he will respect the ongoing legal process and hopes that everyone can await a fair decision from the authorities.

Clearly, Win clarified that what happened was not physical violence but rather an attempt to protect himself and prevent potential harm. He hopes that the truth will be revealed and asks all parties to remain calm and give the authorities a chance to resolve the case fairly.

"I never knew for sure if she would actually jump or not, but I knew I had to go in and stop her. I didn't want to see anyone die in front of me. With my actions, I have helped her. I successfully prevented her from committing suicide, but she brought a knife and scissors, so I felt the need to protect myself from danger. As for the bruise on her back, it happened when I tried to hug her to calm her down. She fell into the bathtub at that time."


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