9 Facts about NuNew Chawarin, Successfully Debuting Acting and Being Crazy by Fans

A newcomer Thai actor named NuNew Chawarin has just explored the world of acting and was immediately asked to play the main role. The first acting that he presented in the Cutie Pie series also received praise.

Netizens also said that NuNew Chawarin's acting did not look like an actor who had just debuted because he managed to make her fall in love. Good at acting and singing, get to know NuNew Chawarin by listening to some of the facts below, come on!

1. Chawarin Perdpiriyawong successfully won the hearts of netizens through his first role as Kuea Keerati in the Cutie Pie series

2. The rookie actor who is usually called NuNew impressed me through his character who has two contradictory personalities

3. Not only that, NuNew also showed off his expertise in playing drums in the Thai series. So cute!

4. This young man who was born on July 25, 2001 is a talent under Domundi TV New Gen who officially joined in November 2020

5. Now having a steady career in acting, NuNew is actually studying Mandarin at Kasetsart University, you know!

6. This DMD Cute Line member with Nat, James, and Yim often covers Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin songs

7. NuNew's melodious voice also graced the OST of the Cutie Pie series and won the OST of The Week award at the T-Pop Stage on February 26, 2022

8. Fans are increasingly being made to fall in love with the owner of 173 cm height and this macaron lover who is able to dance gracefully

9. Moreover, NuNew's cute face makes him excited, don't be surprised if playing the ZeeNunew Vlog host is crazy by fans because he has a myriad of charms

Although the competition in the entertainment industry of the White Elephant Country is now getting tougher, NuNew Chawarin, who in fact just made his acting debut, has been successfully ogled by netizens because of his potential. The rookie actor who graduated from Domundi TV is also increasingly being loved by local and international fans.


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