Thai Series to Watch Featuring Khaotung Thanawat

Khaotung Thanawat Ratanakitpaisan who is usually called Khaotung is one of the talented Thai actors who are under the auspices of the GMMTV agency. Starting his career since 2018, his name has become famous since playing in Tonhon Chonlatee with Pod Suphakorn.

In acting, Khaotung often manages to wash away the emotions of the audience. If you are one of the fans, let 's check out the Thai drama starring Khaotung Thanawat, let's go!

1. Cause You're My Boy (2018)

Starting his career in 2018, Cause You're My Boy is the first drama played by Khaoutung Thanawat. Here Khaotung gets the role of Mork's friend, the main character of this series. Even though he only got a supporting role, Khaotung was able to play it well.

Cause You're My Boy itself tells about the relationship between Mork and Tee who initially hated each other but changed over time. The existence of Mork's hilarious friends is very entertaining in this drama. His innocent and pretentious comments add to the humor of the drama Cause You're My Boy.

2. 2gether The Series (2020)

The 2gether series spanned three sequels, followed by Still 2gether and 2gether the Movie . The character Fong played by Khaotung in this drama at first glance looks the same as that played

3. Tonhon Chonlatee (2020)

Appearing like a cake boy, in the drama Tonhon Chonlatee, he plays Chonlatee who always looks adorable with his choice of clothes with cartoon pictures and bright colors. This Chonlatee character secretly harbors feelings for his neighbor Tonhon. For 19 years he felt that one-sided feeling.

After that, they met again, and Khaotung and Pod Suppakorn performed the typical romantic comedy scene by scene naturally. At first Tonhon denied his feelings, but after some deliberate atmosphere in the setting of his friends, Tonhon finally realized his feelings with Chonlatee.

Chonlatee and Tonhon start dating. A new problem arose from Tonhon's father who did not approve of their relationship because he wanted a grandson from Tonhon. How did Tonhon and Chonlatee handle it?

4. A Tale of Thousand Stars (2021)

Booming in early 2021, Khaotung got a role as the son of the village head. Taking the backdrop of Northern Thailand, Khaotung is required to be able to speak with a distinctive accent. He managed to explore his role in A Tale of Thousand Stars .

A Tale of Thousand Stars itself tells the story of Tian a volunteer teacher (Mix Sahaphap) who tries to realize the dream of the owner of the heart he is using now. Previously, the owner of the heart had served as a volunteer teacher. There Tian met the army chief known as Hwana Phupa (Earth Pirapat). Khaotung as Longtae is here to help Tian adjust to Phu Phan Dao village.

5. 55:15 Never Too Late (2021)

Appearing different in this drama, Khaotung is the younger version of Kob Sangsit in this drama. Seeing the trailer, the audience must be spechless with the resemblance between Khaotung Thanawat and Kob Sangsit. This drama 55:15 Never Too Late Tells the story of 5 people who suddenly turn young. In order to return to their previous version of themselves, they must do things they have not done and become regrets in the present.

Khaotung is believed to play the character of Paul or Songpol. Songpol is a homosexual man who has been single for 55 years of his life. He always wanted to express his sexual views but had no courage. As one of the main characters, Khaotung succeeded in churning his stomach with his action as a parent trapped in the body of a 15-year-old child.

6. The Eclipse (2022)

In the drama The Eclipse , Khaotung landed the role of Ayan, a transfer student at a new school. Ayan intends to find the cause of his uncle's death. His character who always appears cold and melancholic is simultaneously successfully played by Khaotung. He seemed very passionate about his character. Ayan continues to violate school rules, this is what attracts the attention of Akk, the student security officer, played by First Kanaphan.

The characters of the two are very different, Ayan who likes to break the rules and Akk who really obeys the rules. Often meeting and fighting makes the two closer. This mystery genre drama that is tucked into the side of romance will air in the near future. Don't forget to watch it.

In addition to the Thai drama starring Khaotung Thanawat above, he also plays with Thai actors Earth Pirapat and Mix Sahaphap in Moonlight Chicken which will air in the near future.


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