Erotic BL audio story 'Good Night To Get Drunk (취해서좋은밤)' is reportedly having its web drama adaptation

Reported Web Drama Adaptation of Erotic BL Audio Story 'Good Night To Get Drunk (취해서좋은밤)' by SUKFILM

The world of BL entertainment continues to deliver intriguing surprises, and this time, we are in for a bold drama adaptation of the erotic audio story titled "Good Night To Get Drunk." SUKFILM, the renowned producer, is set to transform this captivating tale into an engaging drama that not only captures attention but also offers a fresh perspective.

"Good Night To Get Drunk" is a sensual Boys' Love (BL) story that has garnered attention among listeners. Penned by Connie and enriched with enticing vocal performances by voice actors Park Yo Han and Kim Min Joo, it weaves threads of intimacy and passion, dating back to 2020.

A daring move was made by SUKFILM on August 25th when they announced the production of a drama adaptation of this story. The production company, known for its mesmerizing short works, is embracing mature themes, including same-sex kissing scenes. This step carries significant meaning, showcasing their courage in portraying an unconventional romance with elegance and sensitivity.

Reported Web Drama Adaptation of Erotic BL Audio Story 'Good Night To Get Drunk (취해서좋은밤)' by SUKFILM

While mature themes may dominate the story, the essence of the deep connection between Jun Hyuk and Min Seok remains at its core. Throughout their life journey, these two characters have been each other's pillars of support. Despite never being in the same class, Jun Hyuk believed that his future would change after receiving an offer from an agency upon graduation. However, fate tests them when Min Seok suddenly appears on Jun Hyuk's sofa, creating an unexpected atmosphere and igniting unspoken feelings.

Jun Hyuk, with his innocent face and fair skin, is a calm figure with a wise personality. Beautiful memories with Min Seok still resonate vividly in his mind. However, as his heart starts racing upon seeing Min Seok, everything changes.

On the other hand, Min Seok, Jun Hyuk's contemporary, possesses a charm that captivates others with his cheerful and engaging personality. At times, he finds himself developing feelings for Jun Hyuk, his childhood friend. Yet, Jun Hyuk's presence makes him hesitant and leads to distance.

Production of this drama is scheduled to commence next month, with high hopes for a blend of sensuality, warmth, and conflicts that will grace our screens.
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