8 Dramas Mark Pakin fans can't miss! You won't believe how hot Mark Pakin is in these dramas!

Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit is one young actor who's grabbed attention in the Thai entertainment industry. Despite his diverse background, he's shined in various drama projects, especially in the Boys' Love (BL) genre. Let's dive into the intriguing projects he's been a part of:

8. I Promised You the Moon

Mark Pakin's acting journey began with this drama. In 'I Promised You the Moon,' he plays Mek, a roommate of the main protagonist, Teh (Billkin Putthipong). Despite being just a guest star, Mek left a strong impression in episodes 1 and 4.

Mark's distinctive look as a 'college kid' with long hair and casual tees all day made him appear authentic. Although their interactions with Teh were rare, Mek was the first to comfort Teh when he was heartbroken over Oh-aew (PP Krit).

Mark's presence as Mek earned him the nickname 'packet boy' because he was caught by Teh unpacking a parcel when they first met. Despite being a guest star, his influence was significant in this drama.

7. Our Skyy 2 x Bad Buddy

'Our Skyy 2' is a sequel to several popular BL series created by GMMTV. Mark Pakin appears in two series simultaneously, Thiu from 'My School President' and Chang from 'Bad Buddy.' His diverse characters showcase his acting versatility.

In 'My School President,' Mark portrays Thiu, a friend of the main character Tinn. In this story, Tinn and Chang swap places, creating funny and intriguing situations between them. Additionally, in 'Bad Buddy,' Pat and Pran still have their secret relationship, and Mark plays Chang, Pat's friend.

6. Bad Buddy

'Bad Buddy' is one of the dramas where Mark Pakin has appeared. In this story, Pran and Pat, the two main characters, have been rivals since childhood in everything. Their families are always finding ways to outdo each other, and this rivalry is passed down to the two young men.

Mark plays Chang, Pat's friend. His presence in this drama adds character diversity to the intriguing storyline. Despite the fierce competition between Pran and Pat, Chang brings a refreshing comedic element to the story.

5. My School President

In 'My School President,' Mark Pakin isn't the main character, but he plays a crucial role as Thiu. The story revolves around Tinn, who is the student body president, and his struggle to maintain the school's music club.

Mark portrays Thiu effectively, adding depth to the relationships among the school characters. His presence brings a comedic touch and explores the dynamics of friendship among school characters.

4. The Warp Effect

Mark Pakin also appeared in 'The Warp Effect,' which offers a unique story. In this drama, he portrays Alex, a young man with an interesting life journey. The decisions he made at the age of 17 influenced his life in another world, where he became a leading sexologist.

Mark depicts the character of Alex well, and this story raises intriguing questions about what can happen when someone faces drastic changes in their life. The drama provides a unique and entertaining perspective on relationship dynamics and self-transformation.

3. Last Twilight

Mark Pakin plays Night in 'Last Twilight.' In this story, he is the older brother of the main character, Day, who experiences a life-altering accident. Day and Night live comfortably, but a tragic event threatens Day's eyesight.

Mark portrays Night well as a supportive figure for his younger sibling. This drama depicts an emotional journey and the relationship between two siblings who must face significant challenges in their lives. Mark's contribution is vital in portraying the family dynamics in this story.

2. Moonlight Chicken

Mark Pakin portrays Saleng in 'Moonlight Chicken.' Even as a supporting role, Saleng plays a significant part in the plot. Saleng is an employee at a restaurant managed by Jim, and he has a complex relationship with Jim and his personal life.

In this drama, Mark brings Saleng's character to life effectively, and the character development is one of the most appreciated aspects of the story. 'Moonlight Chicken' portrays intricate and touching relationships among its characters.

1. Only Friends

In the drama 'Only Friends,' Mark Pakin plays the character Nick. The story revolves around the relationships among a group of friends in college, who hide their suppressed desires. Mark portrays Nick, who falls in love with the main character, Boston.

Mark brings Nick's character to life effectively, taking him from being a mere supporting character to an integral part of the story. This drama explores themes such as friendship, desire, and the complexity of human relationships.

Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit has showcased his potential in the world of acting through these intriguing roles. With a career that continues to grow, we can expect more outstanding performances from this talented young actor in the future.


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