Due to Unpleasant News Surrounding Him, Nanon Korapat Acknowledges Disturbance to His Mental Health

Nanon Korapat Acknowledges Recent Rumors Have Affected His Mental Health

Nanon Korapat Kirdpan, a Thai actor and singer, recently admitted in an interview with Gossip Star that the recent issues surrounding him have taken a toll on his mental health.

His fans have started the hashtag #GMMTVprotectNanon, urging his agency to take action against the increasing hate comments and malicious attacks aimed at him with the intention of tarnishing his name.

In the interview, Nanon mentioned that what happened made him feel down and affected his mental health, but he needs to carry on immediately because he has many responsibilities to fulfill.

"I admit that it affected me. However, I still have other jobs waiting. I have many responsibilities to shoulder, so I need to continue and fulfill them," he expressed.

He also explained that the malicious news about him on the Weibo platform is entirely false, and evidence has been submitted to the authorities to prove that the claims and fake news about him have no basis at all.

"For clarification, all the fake news on Weibo is completely false. Previously, we have submitted documents to the relevant authorities to ensure that these fake news are false, but we cannot disclose it to the public because it involves some sensitive issues," he clarified.

Nanon also stated that he has informed and consulted with his company about this issue, and they are now working together to find a solution.

He also thanked his fans who have supported him and said that he continues to monitor them from time to time.

"I keep checking on the fans to see how they are doing and if there are any issues that arise because I am always busy working and have not had many opportunities to meet fans in person. Previously, there were restrictions related to COVID-19, but now the situation is improving, and we are starting to meet more often. We also haven't had events in this country before. So, I just want to make sure everything is okay," Nanon expressed."
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