GMMTV to Hold Press Conference to Announce 2024 Project Lineup on October 17

GMMTV to Hold Press Conference to Announce 2024 Project Lineup on October 17

GMMTV, one of Thailand's largest entertainment agencies, will soon announce its project lineup for 2024 on October 17. This event will be live-streamed on YouTube and will feature announcements of new projects, including dramas, films, and variety shows.

In 2023, GMMTV released several successful projects, including "A Boss And A Babe," "Enigma," "Hidden Agenda," "Only Friend," and many more.

At this 2024 project announcement event, GMMTV is expected to unveil new projects, including:

  • New projects featuring popular actors and actresses such as JoongDunk, FirstKhao, WinnySatang, EarthMix, FourthGemini, PondPhuwin, OffGun, JimmySea, and TayNew.
  • Projects exploring more mature themes.
  • Projects starring actors and actresses from diverse backgrounds.

GMMTV has been a major player in the Thai television drama industry. The agency has helped promote Thai dramas worldwide and has contributed to raising awareness of Thai culture.

Predictions and Hopes for GMMTV 2024 Projects

Here are some predictions and hopes for GMMTV's 2024 projects:

  • JoongDunk: Romantic and fantasy project, as both actors have proven their talent in this genre.
  • FirstKhao: Romantic comedy, as their chemistry is undeniable.
  • WinnySatang: Many fans are hoping they will be cast as leads.
  • EarthMix: Projects exploring more mature themes, as both actors have shown versatility and strong on-screen chemistry.
  • FourthGemini: Comedy project, as both actors have a good sense of humor.
  • PondPhuwin: Romantic drama, as both actors share excellent chemistry.
  • OffGun: Action project, as both actors are highly charismatic and have a strong on-screen presence.
  • JimmySea: Romantic drama and fantasy, as both actors have great chemistry.
  • TayNew: Comedy project, as both actors are very funny.

In addition to these project predictions, fans are also hoping that GMMTV will produce dramas featuring their new artist, Inn Sarin and Sky Wongravee.


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