#WeTVAlwaysMore: 5 Exciting BL Series Coming to WeTV in 2024

#WeTVAlwaysMore: 5 Confirmed BL Series to Air on WeTV in 2024

WeTV Thailand recently hosted the #WeTVAlwaysMore2024 event on September 27, 2023. The event was held to announce various new projects that will be produced by WeTV Thailand, including several new BL series.

Here is a list of the upcoming BL series to be produced by WeTV Thailand in collaboration with Thai production houses like Mandee Channel, Dee Hup House, and Kongthup Production.

1. Monster Next Door

#WeTVAlwaysMore: 5 Confirmed BL Series to Air on WeTV in 2024

This series will be produced by Kongthup Production and is adapted from Jiwanil's novel 'Godzilla Next Door,' depicting an introvert who mostly stays in his room until an extrovert moves in next door.

2. I Saw You In My Dream

#WeTVAlwaysMore: 5 Confirmed BL Series to Air on WeTV in 2024

The next one is 'I Saw You In My Dream,' and WeTV will collaborate with Dee Hup House to produce this series.

'I Saw You In My Dream' is adapted from the novel of the same name by 'Afterday.' The series tells the story of Ae, who never dreamt of love, but one night, he meets a man in his dream. He never thought his dream would come true until he meets P'Yu, a man living next door and the opposite of his dream!

3. Me And Who

#WeTVAlwaysMore: 5 Confirmed BL Series to Air on WeTV in 2024

A collaboration between WeTV & Domundi/Mandee, this series is an adaptation of Wickedwish's novel of the same name. It tells the story of a young man who dies and is reborn into the body of a billionaire heir.

4. Knock Knock Boys

#WeTVAlwaysMore: 5 Confirmed BL Series to Air on WeTV in 2024

'Knock Knock Boys' will be WeTV and Kongthup Production's next project. The series stars Seng Wichai, Best Vittawin, Nokia Chinnawat, and Jaonine Jiraphat.

The story follows a group of friends living together in the same house who make a deal that whoever can help Almond win his love will get free rent from him. Latte, Tanwa, and Peak agree, and a somewhat risqué mission begins... which might lead them into love!

5. Heroin The Series

#WeTVAlwaysMore: 5 Confirmed BL Series to Air on WeTV in 2024

During the event, it was revealed that the main cast of this remake series includes Mac Nattapat (Pop/Bai Lou Yin), Newyear Nawapat (Tengneung/You Qi), Jur Vasin (Tiger/Yang Meng), while the lead actor for the character Gu Hai is still undisclosed.

'Heroin The Series' is one of the shows set to air on WeTV, where they will collaborate with Golden Dog Thailand and Hollywood Thailand.

The #WeTVAlwaysMore2024 event was eagerly welcomed by BL fans worldwide, who expressed their excitement for the various new projects to be produced by WeTV Thailand.


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