Fans of OhmNanon Protest in Front of GMMTV, Demanding They Stay Together

Fans of OhmNanon Protest in Front of GMMTV, Demanding They Stay Together

Chinese fans of OhmNanon (Ohm Pawat and Nanon Korapat) sent a protest truck to GMMTV, the agency that represents the main couple in Bad Buddy, a few days after the announcement of a new project for Ohm Pawat with his new partner, Leng Thanaphon.

The truck was accompanied by a large LED sign with a clear message that read, "GMMTV, OhmNanon Forever! Give OhmNanon Back! Don't Ignore the GreenRed!" reflecting the strong dissatisfaction of the fans with the agency.

Fans of OhmNanon Protest in Front of GMMTV, Demanding They Stay Together

The green and red colors are the signature colors of their fandom. Recently, GMMTV stopped producing merchandise for OhmNanon and announced a new series for Ohm with a new partner.

Through a statement released by the official fanbase of this couple in China, the group expressed their desire to see a special project for OhmNanon and demanded that GMMTV take this matter seriously.


Chinese cp fans have always maintained a positive attitude towards OhmNanon's couple activities and individual activities, whether it is a solo fan meeting, music festival, selling goods online, Chinese CP FANS have always been actively involved, traveling thousands of miles to support them at the event, buying GMM official products, participating in live streaming and purchasing products actively. Everyone wants to give more power to the people we love through our love.

Everything we do is to let the company and the public notice the value of OhmNanon, eager to see OhmNanon's two-person activities and two-person series, hope that the company attaches importance to the wishes of OhmNanon and fans.

But the reality is not what we expected, what we waited for is not what we wanted to see, we are very sad, disappointed and angry. The company did not see our efforts and demands, leaving us lost, and we did not see the OhmNanon, our lovely kids, in the 2024 event and episode after a year of waiting.

We want GMMTV to take the fans seriously, we need OhmNanon, we only love OhmNanon.

OhmNanon_CNFC, as a Chinese official fan club, from the efforts of a few people to the power of more Chinese fans today, has been focusing on two-person activities and assistance, and only focus on two people.

No matter how many people leave, we will continue to adhere to the original heart of the station so far, we come for two people, work hard for two people.


Nanon Korapat had previously mentioned in an interview before the GMMTV2024PART1 event that he would be taking a break from series projects to rest.

As of now, GMMTV has not provided a response regarding this issue.


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