GMMTV Changes Business Model to Focus on Engagement for BL Series

GMMTV Changes Business Model to Focus on Engagement for BL Series

GMMTV, one of Thailand's largest film and television production companies, has recently announced a change in their business model for BL Series. While they previously focused on "Serial Ratings," they are now shifting their focus to "Engagement," especially on social media.

GMMTV CEO, Tha Sataporn, explained this change during the Podcast The Secret Sauce, stating that they made this change to get closer to their fans. "It turns out that our series for young audiences doesn't rely on 'Ratings' at all," he said. "Because the audience creates 'Engagement' with the series."

To measure "Engagement," GMMTV uses various indicators, including the number of viewers, likes, shares, comments, and the use of hashtags on social media platforms like Twitter.

"Now we will use this engagement instead of series ratings," Tha Sataporn said.

This change in GMMTV's business model has been well-received by BL Series fans. They hope that this change will make BL Series content of higher quality and more relevant to their interests, but at the same time, many are skeptical and resistant to this change.

Here are some tips for interacting with BL Series content on social media:

  • Watch the series! This is the best way to show GMMTV that you like their content.
  • Like and share the content! This will help spread the content to more people.
  • Comment on the content! Provide your feedback on the series.
  • Use hashtags! This will help you connect with other BL Series fans.
  • Follow the actors! This will help show that the actors are becoming more popular since the series was released.

By interacting with BL Series content on social media, you can help ensure that the content continues to be created and produced, and that BL couples will continue to work together.

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