Nanon Korapat Hiatus? : I'm not taking anything because I really want to rest

Nanon Korapat Hiatus? : I'm not taking anything because I really want to rest

GMMTV, the home to many talented stars, is currently discussing the future of one of their leading assets, Nanon Korapat Kirdpan. During the GMMTV2024PART1 announcement, the spotlight was on the fact that Nanon only has one project on the GMMTV 2024 project list, which is a serialized version of his movie that aired in July 2023, titled "My Precious."

Before attending the press conference, Nanon was interviewed where he explained his plans to take a break from the TV series projects that have filled his career.

In that conversation, Nanon shared his personal views on his decision. "Oh, my fans are so whiny, they keep whining with me to return to series," Nanon said with a gentle smile.

When asked when he would return to the small screen, this talented actor revealed that he hadn't decided yet. The decision entirely depends on whether there will be a story that truly piques his interest.

Nanon explained, " depends because I'm still not committed to accepting any series at the moment because I feel there hasn't been an interesting plot, or there's an interesting plot but the timing isn't right, so I have to restrain myself like 'no, this year I'm not taking anything' because I really want to rest."

Nanon also noted that since he first entered the entertainment industry, he has been involved in numerous impressive projects. Sometimes, even 2 to 3 projects a year. It has drained his energy.

"Since I first joined this company, I've worked on more than 20 series. I've even been involved in 2 to 3 series a year, and filming goes on throughout the year. I feel like I've worked hard for the last 7-8 years, and now it's time to take a break. Personally, I feel that my acting is becoming monotonous, and I want to find something fresh to rekindle my passion," he explained.

When asked about the type of role he'd like to play in his next project, Nanon firmly expressed his desire to explore challenging psychological roles. He also expressed his hope to step away from student roles, which have been his trademark for a long time.

"I want to try something more psychological and challenging. For 8 years, I've mostly appeared as a student in a school uniform at this company. Now, I want to pursue roles that are more complex and intriguing, considering my age and experience. There are certain boundaries I want to break," he said.

Nanon Korapat Kirdpan, with his illustrious history in the entertainment world, indicates that he is not just a star but also an evolving artist. The community and fans will eagerly await further developments in his career.


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